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What did Nate do to Fezco?

Nate did something very cruel to Fezco. He and Jessica plotted together to set Fezco up with a fake drug transaction. Nate sent Fezco a text message with a fake address where he was supposed to meet a buyer of drugs, but it was actually a sting operation set up by the police.

As a result, Fezco was arrested and taken into custody. The incident caused a lot of problems for Fezco, as it created distrust between he and Nate and put stresses on his relationship with his mother.

Even worse, the fake transaction resulted in a criminal record for Fezco that could follow him for years.

What was Fez problem with Nate?

Fez had a problem with Nate because he felt like Nate was taking advantage of him and their friendship. Fez thought that Nate was making decisions and taking actions that benefitted him in selfish ways even though they were meant to be friends.

For example, Nate was always trying to talk Fez into doing things that weren’t in his best interest and often made derogatory remarks about Fez’s looks and intelligence. These remarks made Fez feel disrespected and belittled and he felt like Nate was trying to make him feel like inferior or less than him.

Fez was also concerned that Nate had a history of secretly talking negatively about him behind his back and spreading lies and gossip. All these things combined to make Fez feel as though Nate wasn’t really a friend but was only interested in using him for his own gain.

Fez eventually realized he couldn’t trust Nate and decided to end the friendship altogether.

Why was Fez mad at Nate Euphoria?

Fez was mad at Nate Euphoria because he felt that Nate was taking advantage of his friendship. Fez had gone out of his way to help Nate with various tasks and activities, but when Nate asked Fez for a favour that required Fez to put in an extended amount of effort, Fez felt like Nate was expecting too much.

Nate had taken their friendship for granted and was now expecting Fez to put in more effort than he had already put in. Fez was angry because he felt like Nate was being unfair and taking him for granted, and so he struck out in anger.

Why do Nate and Fez hate each other?

Nate and Fez have a long and complicated history, so it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly why they hate each other. One thing that seems to have caused a rift between them is the fact that they are both fiercely competitive and have very different ideologies.

In addition, they often butt heads over Fez’s dubious intentions and Nate’s refusal to play along with them.

In the early episodes of That 70’s Show, their behavior toward each other is playful and affectionate, but often Nate would grow frustrated with Fez’s antics. Over time, their relationship seemed to become more hostile as Nate felt like Fez was taking advantage of him and the group, which eventually caused him to retaliate with threats of violence.

Nate and Fez also have different personalities that can often clash. Nate is very stoic and reserved, whereas Fez is outgoing, wild and unpredictable. Nate seems to take a more logical and serious approach to life, while Fez is more playful and carefree.

Ultimately, these two characters have an undeniable chemistry that can’t be denied, but tension is always between them. Despite their differences, both still care for each other in their own way, but often it’s hidden beneath a thick layer of animosity.

What’s on Nate’s disk?

Nate’s disk likely contains a variety of documents, photos, videos, music, software, and other digital files. Depending on how it is setup, Nate’s disk could also contain operating system files, applications, and system-related files.

He may have system backups, home movies, digital music, photos and other personal documents, or even games and other software stored on the disk as well. If he’s using a cloud storage service, his disk may also be storing all the data associated with any of his online accounts.

Ultimately, what’s on Nate’s disk will depend on his personal preferences and how he uses the disk, but it could include almost anything.

Is Fez Nate’s brother?

No, Fez is not Nate’s brother. Fez is the best friend and roommate of Nate’s younger brother, Jimmy, on the popular TV show, “The Carmichael Show”. The two have become incredibly close friends since they met in the first season and have been each other’s confidants since then.

They share a close bond and have stood by each other through some tough times, but they are not related.

Why is Nate obsessed with Jules?

Nate is obsessed with Jules because he has fallen deeply in love with her. He finds her mysterious and alluring, and is overwhelmed by her beauty. Jules seems almost too perfect in his eyes, and he cannot resist being drawn to her.

Nate has a strong emotional connection with Jules and being near her makes him feel like he is in a dream. He is constantly thinking about her and trying to find ways to impress her. His infatuation with Jules has caused him to neglect his normal life and obligations and to devote all his energy and attention to her.

Ultimately, he loves Jules and is willing to do anything to be with her.

Who is Nate’s secret brother?

Nate’s secret brother is named Calder and he is from the supernatural realm of Malsong. Calder is a magical being whose power and strength are unmatched. He’s been living in hiding for centuries in order to protect himself from the evil forces of the Malsong realm.

Calder is Nate’s half-brother, and their link ties them together through a mysterious bloodline. Despite the powerful bond, Calder has stayed hidden and out of sight for years and only recently has he come out to reveal his true identity.

Calder is a powerful ally and will fight along Nate’s side no matter what obstacles may stand in their way.

Does Cal abuse Nate?

No, Cal does not abuse Nate. Cal and Nate have a relationship that is built on mutual respect and understanding. They both understand each other’s boundaries and respect them. Cal has never raised his voice to Nate or treated him in any way that can be considered abusive.

They communicate well and have a deep connection that is built on trust and care. Cal takes every precaution to ensure Nate is safe and happy. Even when disagreements arise, they talk things out calmly and come to an understanding that works for both of them.

Why did Nate turn in his dad?

Nate turned in his dad because he was fed up with his father’s irresponsible and criminal behavior. Nate had grown increasingly frustrated with his father, who had a history of drug abuse, homelessness, and other destructive behaviors.

After years of feeling powerless to help change his father’s life, Nate finally decided that it was time to take action and report his father to the authorities in the hopes that it might finally put an end to his father’s destructive actions.

Despite the tough decision he made, Nate ultimately hoped that his father would receive the help he needed to turn his life around and become a better person.

What was Nate and his dad fighting about?

Nate and his dad were likely fighting about a variety of topics. Considering that Nate is a teenage boy, it could have anything from scheduling issues to feelings of disrespect. Nate’s dad may have wanted Nate to focus more on his studies, which could have led to an argument about the importance of schoolwork.

Additionally, since Nate’s dad is likely a lot stricter than his mother, it could have also been about a lack of freedom for teenage Nate. It’s also possible that Nate and his dad were arguing about money, with his dad wanting Nate to take more responsibility for his spending.

Lastly, it’s possible that Nate was resisting his father’s attempt to give him advice, which could have resulted in a heated discussion.

How did Fez threaten Nate?

Fez threatened Nate by saying that he would hurt him and his family if he didn’t cooperate with him. He also said he would ruin Nate’s reputation in town, spread lies about him, and cause him to become an outcast.

Fez also threatened to tell Nate’s boss about his involvement in illegal activities, which would likely lead to Nate losing his job. Finally, Fez threatened to hurt Nate physically if he failed to comply with his orders.

This made Nate feel helpless and scared, as he knew Fez had the power to make good on his threats.

Does Fez go to jail for beating Nate?

No, Fez does not go to jail for beating Nate. Fez was never charged with any crime, as Nate did not report the incident to the police and chose instead to handle it privately. Nate and Fez eventually reconciled and reached a mutual understanding.

Even though Nate suffered a broken jaw and broken ribs, he did not wish to cause Fez any long-term repercussions. While Fez may still have a criminal record, due to his previous arrests, he was not sent to jail for this particular incident.

Does Nate snitch on Fez?

No, Nate does not snitch on Fez. The two of them are close friends who share a mutual understanding and respect for one another. Although there are moments throughout the show, like any other friendship, where they get into disagreements, Nate ultimately chooses to accept how Fez reacts, and even in extreme cases, like when Fez breaks the rules, Nate understands and chooses not to “snitch” on him.

In the end, Nate never betrays Fez’s trust, no matter what situation they are faced with.

Why Maddie was so toxic Euphoria?

Maddie was so toxic in Euphoria because of her insecurities and her feeling of being less than everyone else. She was so desperate for attention and validation that she resorted to manipulation and being cruel to other people in order to get it.

She had poor impulse control and a tendency to lash out, which frequently meant she acted in destructive and hurtful ways. Her need for control and admiration from others often led her to behave in a manipulative and domineering way towards her peers.

She wanted to be the center of attention, and her fear of losing her place in the group drove her to do whatever it took to be accepted, even if it meant being hurtful. Additionally, Maddie’s past experiences contributed to her having a more negative and defensive attitude towards the world, driving her to be even more toxic in her relationships and in her decisions.