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Was Bumblebee born or built?

Bumblebee was both born and built. In the original Transformers cartoon series, Bumblebee was the first of the Autobots to arrive on Earth and was the first to be reformatted by Optimus Prime, making him an Earth-like shape and color just like a Volkswagen Beetle.

He was then built with special weapons and abilities by Ratchet and the Autobot scientists. Therefore, Bumblebee is both born, as a naturally occurring Transformer from the planet Cybertron, as well as built, from a combination of his original form and components added by Ratchet and the Autobot scientists.

How was Bumblebee created?

Bumblebee was created by the legendary Marvel Comics writer, Stan Lee. Originally appearing in the Marvel Comics series The Transformers, Bumblebee is a brave, loyal and intelligent roboid that often takes on tasks that would otherwise be too dangerous for humans.

He is one of the earliest robots to be written into comic book history, first appearing in September 1984. As robots go, Bumblebee is capable of a great many things—from driving a car at over 100mph to transforming into an unassuming Volkswagen Beetle—but above all else, he is seen as a true friend and ally to the Autobots.

In terms of his origin story, Bumblebee was once a humble robot—a “roboid” as Stan Lee himself referred to him—that was found among the wreckage of a destroyed planet. This was later revealed to be the Exploded Planet of Junk, which had been destroyed millions of years before in a great stellar cataclysm.

Upon being found, Bumblebee was inducted into the ranks of the Autobots, and quickly became their leader, thanks to his unwavering loyalty, tremendous courage and great leadership qualities. As a result, Bumblebee became an integral part of the Autobot team and has since been a reliable and trusted ally in their fight against the Decepticons.

What was bumblebees original form?

The ancestor of today’s bumblebees is thought to have evolved from solitary bees sometime between 50 and 70 million years ago, although the exact timing of this evolution is still unclear. Initially, bumblebees lived in the forests and plains of the northern hemisphere, using their long tongues to extract nectar and pollen from a variety of flowering plants.

During this time, they were solitary in nature and did not form colonies, as they do today. It is likely that they used mud to form small nests in abandoned rodent burrows or in other natural cavities in the ground.

Over time, they began to form proper colonies and the nests were built with wax and stored in more permanent cavities that were often underground. This shift in lifestyle allowed them to increase their reproductive potential, since multiple queens could produce offspring in the same nest and take advantage of the abundance of resources nearby.

This form is essentially the same as the bumblebees we see today, although with some evolutionary variation in size, color, and behavior.

Why was Bumblebee changed to goldbug?

The reason Bumblebee was changed from its original black color to gold was for the 1984 Transformers movie. Before this, Bumblebee’s alt-mode was a Volkswagen Beetle, and was originally black with a few yellow stripes.

Hasbro felt that having a black vehicle in the movie wouldn’t show up well on the silver screen, and so changed the robot’s color to gold. This had the added benefit of making Bumblebee stand out more on screen, as well as helping to distinguish him more from all the other black robots.

After the movie, some of the other incarnations of Bumblebee kept the gold color, leading to his nickname, “Goldbug”. Additionally, in Generation 1 of the toy line, Bumblebee was referred to officially as “Goldbug”.

Who is Optimus Prime’s brother?

Optimus Prime’s brother is Ultra Magnus. Ultra Magnus is an Autobot from the Transformers toyline and media franchise, who first appeared in the 1st volume of the Transformers comic book series. He is a high-ranking Autobot commander and second-in-command of the Autobots after Optimus Prime.

Ultra Magnus is an extremely powerful Autobot warrior and a loyal colleague of Optimus Prime. He is brave, honest and always ready to drive into the fight for justice and freedom. He is characterized as emotionally distant and serious, but his compassion and willingness to take responsibility for his actions have earned him the respect and admiration of many of his peers.

Ultra Magnus is responsible for the management of Autobot and Decepticon forces on battlefields, and often acts as Optimus Prime’s right-hand man in many of their adventures. Ultra Magnus possesses a wide range of weapons, most notably a large forklift-like battering ram, and a blaster that is superior even to the guns in the hands of most Autobots.

He is an extremely powerful warrior, and his courage and determination are qualities that Optimus Prime often looks up to.

Does Optimus Prime have a son?

Although Optimus Prime does not have a biological son, he does have a ‘son’ of sorts in the form of a Mini-Con named Longarm, who views Optimus as a father figure and he looks up to him. Longarm was created by Optimus Prime for the purpose of carrying out missions and protecting the Mini-Cons from harm.

Longarm refers to Optimus as “Father” and behaves much like a son in his devotion to him. Additionally, Optimus has become a father-figure and mentor to many of the Autobots, especially the younger ones, following a strict code of honor as a leader and teacher.

What was the original Bumblebee?

The original Bumblebee was a Volkswagen Beetle from the first Transformers film released in 2007. First introduced as a 1977 model, the car has seen various versions throughout the film series and subsequent spin-offs.

In the original first film, Bumblebee becomes Sam Witwicky’s (Shia LaBeouf) first car when his parents buy it for him as a graduation present. Bumblebee is also responsible for aiding Sam in fighting the Decepticons in the first film, which eventually leads him to fighting with the Autobots to save the world by the end of the movie.

Bumblebee has since become an iconic figure, appearing throughout the film series and becoming part of the official Transformers brand. Bumblebee has since become an integral part of the Transformers franchise and is now featured in numerous spin-off projects, such as the Transformers movies released in 2017 and 2018, the Transformers animated series and a live-action television series currently in the works.

In 2019 Bumblebee was even featured in his own standalone film.

Are Shockwave and Soundwave brothers?

No, Shockwave and Soundwave are not brothers. Shockwave is a Decepticon from the “Transformers” franchise, and Soundwave is also a Decepticon from the franchise. They are both mechanical aliens from the planet Cybertron, but they are not related in any way.

Shockwave is a high-ranking official in the Decepticon army, and Soundwave is a master of espionage and ancient war tactics. Both characters have had prominent roles in the “Transformers” franchise throughout the years, and they are both considered among the franchise’s most iconic characters.

Who is the clone of Soundwave?

The clone of Soundwave is a Decepticon known as Clonewave who was created by Shockwave and was given the alternate mode of a robotic condor. Clonewave was created using nanosects and had the same audio-based powers, intellect and strategic ability as Soundwave.

However, Clonewave was created to serve as a protector for Shockwave, who had become increasingly paranoid as he gained more power in the Decepticon ranks. Shockwave regarded Clonewave as a necessary part of his own army, second only to himself, as Clonewave was completely loyal to Shockwave and was not allowed to challenge him.

Clonewave was also programmed to not harm Soundwave directly, only to hinder his activities and keep him from threatening Shockwave. As a result, Clonewave was an extremely powerful Decepticon and a powerful protector for Shockwave.