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Is Pima Medical Institute expensive?

Yes, Pima Medical Institute is expensive. The cost of tuition and fees can vary depending on the program you choose, but most programs can range in price from around $20,000 to over $50,000. This cost can include tuition, books and supplies, licensing fees, and other fees and expenses.

Additional costs such as housing, transportation, and meals can also add to the expense. Additionally, since Pima Medical Institute is a private school, there is no access to federal student aid and financial aid packages are often limited.

Taking into account all of these costs, Pima Medical Institute can be considered an expensive choice for prospective students.

How much is a program at Pima Medical Institute?

The cost of a program at Pima Medical Institute will depend on the program of study and the length of time it will take to complete it. Tuition and fees are subject to change and can vary based on the program and enrollment period.

For example, the Veterinary Technician Associate of Applied Science degree program costs $21,108 for the entire program for the 2020-2021 academic year, not including textbooks, supplies and other course-related materials.

For information about specific program costs, it is best to contact the school directly.

How much does Pima Medical Institute cost for dental hygiene?

The cost of the Dental Hygiene Program at Pima Medical Institute varies depending on the course of study. Students enrolled in the Certificate Program will pay about $14,975 in tuition, plus another $400 in lab fees, $73 for books, and $200 for educational supplies.

The Associate of Applied Science Degree Program has a tuition of around $24,687, while lab fees, book costs, and educational supplies remain the same. In addition, fees such as an application fee, membership fees, and other course fees may be required.

Financial aid may be available to those who qualify, so it’s best to contact Pima Medical Institute for exact prices and to discuss payment options.

How long is the RT program at Pima?

The Registered Nursing (RN) program at Pima Medical Institute is a 48-credit-hour program that takes approximately 22 months to complete. This includes 18 months of classroom learning and 4 months of clinical rotations, during which you can apply the skills you have learned in the classroom.

The program covers a variety of topics, including anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, health assessment, pathophysiology, and professional development. In addition to meeting the 48 credit-hour requirements, students are expected to complete all assignments, pass all tests and exams, participate in clinical practicums, and complete an externship.

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates are eligible to take the NCLEX-RN exam and become a Registered Nurse.

Is Pima a 4 year college?

No, Pima is not a 4 year college. Pima Community College is a 2 year accredited institution located in Tuscon, Arizona, with multiple locations across Pima County. It serves over 40,000 students each year and offers a variety of educational opportunities, including certificate programs, Associate of Arts and Science degree programs, and job and technical training.

Pima Community College is a student-centered institution dedicated to providing quality, affordable and innovative educational opportunities, while also strengthening its role in fostering the economic, social and cultural development of our community.

Is Pima Community College free?

No, Pima Community College is not free. Although many students are able to take classes with the assistance of grants or scholarships, it is important to remember that Pima Community College charges tuition and fees.

Those tuition and fees can vary depending on the course and the type of student, including whether they are a freshman, transfer student, international student, or returning student. There are also other fees, such as the student services fee and the technology fee, which are charged per credit hour.

In addition to tuition and fees, some classes require students to buy textbooks and other supplies, as well as pay for transportation to get to class and other miscellaneous expenses.

What GPA do you need to get into Pima Community College?

The GPA you need to get into Pima Community College depends on the program of study you are pursuing. For Transfer Students, a GPA of 2. 5 is generally required as a minimum. If a student wishes to pursue a certificate program, they must have a minimum 2.

0 GPA. Students enrolling in a GED program at Pima Community College must have at least 45 transferable units from an accredited college and have just the equivalent of a 2. 0 GPA. For high school students planning to pursue a concurrent enrollment program, a minimum GPA of 2.

5 and course completion with a grade of “C” is required.

Ultimately, it is important to check with the prospective school, as some programs and colleges have higher GPA requirements than others. Additionally, for students who don’t meet the minimum, Pima Community College allows for an open-door enrollment and provides extra support and resources to students to help them succeed.

What types of financial aid are available for me at Pima?

At Pima, there are a variety of financial aid options available. These include grants, loans, and scholarships.

Grants are a type of financial aid given to students that do not require repayment. Some of the grants available at Pima are from the federal government and are specific to students with financial need.

There are also grants from state government, non-profit organizations, and other sources.

Loans are another type of financial aid available at Pima. The types of loans available range from federal student loans, to private loans, and other alternative loans, such as those offered by the college itself.

As with any loan, they will need to be repaid.

Scholarships are a third type of financial aid available at Pima. These awards are given to students based on academic merit, athletic ability, extracurricular activities, financial need, and other criteria.

Some scholarships are funded by the college, while others are funded through private organizations, corporations, and foundations.

No matter what type of financial aid you are looking for, you can rest assured that there are many options available at Pima to help you achieve your academic goals.