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Is Hela Loki’s daughter?

No, Hela is not Loki’s daughter. Hela is a character in Marvel comics who first appeared in Journey into Mystery #102 in 1964. She is the Asgardian goddess of death, rulership, and the afterlife. In Norse mythology, Hela was the daughter of Loki and the giantess Angrboda.

In the Marvel comics universe, however, Hela is described as the child of Odin and the giantess Kassara. She was a strong and powerful force within Asgard, but her powers were too much for Odin to control.

Odin used the Odinforce to banish Hela from the Nine Realms, which forced her to seek out other dimensions and realities to feed her ambition. Her ultimate goal is to become the ruler of all Asgard, overthrow Odin and the other gods, and claim Asgard as her own.

Is Hela the daughter of Loki or Odin?

Hela is the daughter of Odin, the Allfather of Asgard. She was born a few millennia ago in the depths of Asgard and is one of Odin’s oldest and most powerful children. She is the goddess of death and the ruler of Hel, the realm of the dead, located in Niflheim.

Despite being the daughter of Odin, she rarely interacts with him and usually prefers to remain in the shadows ruling over her kingdom. She has a deep-seated hatred for the people of Asgard due to the unfair rule of Odin and schemes to take over Asgard and enact her own reign of evil over the universe.

Hela has even gone so far as to defeat Odin in combat and banish him to the island of Nastrond. His return later, however, proves her previous victory to be short-lived. Hela is a powerful and formidable foe with control over death itself, making her an enemy of the gods and one of the most feared characters in all of Norse mythology.

Who is Hela’s mother?

Hela’s mother is the Asgardian goddess known as Frigga. Frigga is Odin’s wife and is the mother of Thor and Loki, as well as Hela. She is said to be the most powerful of the female Asgardian gods. In Norse mythology, Frigga is a goddess associated with love, marriage, and motherhood, and is often referred to as Odin’s queen.

She can also be seen depicted in Marvel comics as the queen of Asgard and mother of Thor, Loki, and Hela. Hela’s mother Frigga is known to be a powerful sorceress and has magical abilities that she can use to protect Asgard.

She is said to be wise and understanding, and is often seen as a maternal figure in the Marvel Universe.

What God is Thor’s daughter?

Thor’s daughter is named

Gungnir, and she is the goddess of war and battle. She is one of the Valkyries, a group of female deities whose purpose is to protect and defend Asgard, the realm of the gods. In Norse mythology, Gungnir is often associated with Odin, the father of all the gods, earning her the title of “Odin’s Daughter”.

Gungnir is described as having a powerful presence and is armed with a spear of the same name. The spear is said to be unbreakable and its head is crafted from the mystical metal Uru, making it a formidable weapon.

Gungnir also has the ability to direct storms and lightning. Because of her association with Odin, Gungnir is also a symbol of justice and courage, as she is depicted as being a fierce and loyal warrior.

Who was Odin’s favorite child?

Odin was the Allfather of all gods and goddesses in Norse mythology, part of the great pantheon in the religion of Germanic and Norse cultures. He had a great desire for knowledge and power, which is why he had four sons: Baldur, Hod, Thor, and Vídarr.

As such, it is difficult to definitively say who Odin’s favorite child was, as all four of his sons were beloved by him in their own way and each had a special bond with him.

Baldur was regarded as the favorite in some stories, as he was the most beloved, caring and compassionate towards the other gods and goddesses. He was also the god of beauty, light and joy.

Hod was loyal and brave, admired by the other gods and goddesses for the fierce protection of his family.

Thor was the most famous and powerful of the gods, the god of thunder and strength, and the one responsible for protecting Asgard and all of creation. He had a close relationship with Odin and his hammer was an extension of his protective reach.

Vídarr was the silent god of justice who was ever-watchful over all of the other gods. He was very devoted to his father and often held Odin’s honor in the highest regard.

Ultimately, Odin loved all of his sons and favored them based on their unique strengths and contributions. Thus, it is impossible to pick a single favorite child and each son’s connection to Odin was strong in its own right.

How many children did Odin have?

Odin is the Allfather and chief of the Norse pantheon. He has many children, all of whom have different mother goddesses. He has two sons, Thor and Baldur, from his wife Frigg, who is also known as Goddess of the Sky and the wife of Odin.

He also has two daughters, Hoder and Hermod, from his giantess mistress, Grid. In addition to these children, Odin had eight other sons and a daughter. His sons were: Vili, Ve, Vidar, Vali, Ullr, Modi, Magn, and Mimir; his daughter was named Hel.

All these children stemmed from Odin’s various liaisons with goddesses and giants.

Who are Odin’s sons and daughters?

Odin is the chief god of Norse mythology and according to legend, he had several children with different mothers. His sons are Baldr, Hodr, and Víðarr. Baldr is the god of beauty, Hodr is the god of winter, and Víðarr is the god of Revenge.

Odin’s daughters are Hel, elder goddess of death, Freyja, goddess of love, fertility, beauty and war, and Þrúðr, goddess of strength. Hel rules the realm of the dead and decides who goes to live with her and who goes to the land of the living.

Freyja travels battlefields, collects the slain warriors, and takes them to her hall, Folkvangr. Þrúðr is famous for her extraordinary strength and her magical weapon, a hammer.

In addition to his named children, Odin also sired many anonymous Jötnar (giants or monsters).

How is Hela related to Loki?

Hela is Loki’s daughter, who is the Norse god of mischief. Hela was born from a giantess (Angrboda) who was forced to bear Loki’s children, who were prophesied to be responsible for Ragnarok, the apocalyptic event that would bring about the end of the gods and the world.

Though Loki initially abandoned her, Hela was eventually raised by Odin, and she grew to become a powerful being in her own right, even rivaling Odin in terms of strength and power. As Odin’s eldest daughter, Hela is the natural inheritor of Asgard and as such is a potential threat to her adoptive father and brother, so they try to contain her.

Despite the strained relationship between Loki and Hela, they still have a bond as father and daughter, and Loki is still loyal to her even if he tries to keep her in check.

Did Thor have a child with Hela?

No, Thor did not have a child with Hela. Hela is a super-villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the primary antagonist of the 2017 film, Thor: Ragnarok. She is the older sister of Thor and the daughter of Odin, King of Asgard, and is thus a major adversary of Thor and his allies, the Avengers.

As a result, there is no record in either the films or the comics of Thor ever having offspring with Hela.

Why did Hela become villain?

Hela, the Goddess of Death in Norse mythology, became a villain because of the circumstances of her birth. She was born of Loki, the trickster god, and the giantess Angraboda, whom Loki had tricked into sleeping with him.

This meant that Hela had the potential to be malicious and destructive, as the rest of the gods had been concerned about what kind of power Loki’s offspring could bring into being.

After Odin defeated her during the Ragnarok, Hela was banished to Hel, her underworld domain, where she ruled as its queen. She felt betrayed by Odin, and began to see him as an adversary. Thus, she built up resentment towards him and the other gods, and developed a deep grudge against the Aesir.

This grudge would eventually lead her to become the villain she is today.

Hela is, essentially, the result of her father’s methods of playing games with people and manipulating them. She was born out of trickery, and this has contributed to her feelings of being wronged and mistreated, ultimately leading her to become a villain.

Do Thor and Hela have the same mother?

No, Thor and Hela do not have the same mother. Thor’s mother is Freyja, who is a goddess of fertility and love, while Hela’s mother is a giantess named Angrboda. Angrboda was a mistress of Loki, and Hela was their daughter.

While Freyja and Hela do share the same connection to Loki, they are not related through family.

Who is the father of Hela?

Hela is a fictional character from Marvel Comics, appearing in the Thor comics. She is the Asgardian Goddess of Death, and the estranged elder daughter of Odin, Ruler of Asgard. Hela was born thousands of years ago, before the end of the war between the Asgardians and the Vanir.

Her father, Odin, is the All-Father of Asgard and the King of the Norse gods. He is the son of Bor and the giantess Bestla, and is the brother of Vili and Ve. He resides in his hall, Valhalla, where the deceased come to feast in preparation for the day of the Ragnarok.

His eye, called the Odin Force, gives him various magical powers. He is the most powerful Asgardian and possess vast cosmic powers and authority.

Who is Freya to Thor?

Freya is the sister of Thor in Norse mythology. She is the daughter of the god Odin and the goddess Fjorgyn, as well as the half-sister to Thor’s father, Odin. In the myths, Freya was a goddess associated with beauty, fertility and love, as well as wisdom and battle.

In some tales she is also depicted as a valkyrie, a warrior spirit responsible for selecting who lived and died in battle. As Thor’s sister, Freya is often a source of strength and affection for him, helping him in his battles and standing by his side.

She was also instrumental in helping Thor retrieve Mjolnir, his famous hammer. It is said that without Freya’s help, Thor might never have been able to reclaim it. In modern interpretations of Norse mythology, Freya is often seen as a source of intense power and protection for those around her, and continues to be an iconic figure in the mythology.

Did Hela own Mjolnir?

No, Hela did not own Mjolnir. In the Marvel Comics, Hela is an Asgardian goddess who is the ruler of Hel, the realm of the dead. While she has some impressive powers, she is not capable of wielding the hammer due to a magical enchantment by Odin, the father of Thor, which granted him the ability to wield the hammer.

Hela should not even be able to touch Mjolnir, as the hammer will instantly reject her when she attempts to pick it up. The only other person with the power to wield Mjolnir is Jane Foster, Thor’s love interest.

The hammer grants its users strength, power, and agility and even allows them to fly through the air. With Mjolnir, Thor is able to fight for justice and protect the Nine Realms from any harm.