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How much is John Maxwell mentorship program?

The cost of John Maxwell’s mentorship program depends on the type of program you’re interested in signing up for. The John Maxwell Team offers online and in-person group mentorship packages ranging from $1,400 to $9,000, while the Gold Master program is priced at $6,000 to $14,000.

For individuals who are more serious about their leadership development, John Maxwell offers a private, one-on-one mentorship program for $18,000. These packages offer comprehensive training, coaching, and resources to help individuals achieve their leadership goals.

Also, there are discounts available for organizations signing up multiple people for a mentorship program.

What is the John Maxwell certification?

The John Maxwell Certification is an extensive training program offered by the John Maxwell Team that prepares individuals to become a Certified Coach, Speaker, Trainer, or Facilitator. Through this program, individuals are trained and equipped to effectively teach, speak, and lead using the principles of New York Times best-selling author John C.


The Certification Program contents are based on John Maxwell’s proven leadership theories and philosophies. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from the collected wisdom and experience of world-renowned experts, develop a deeper understanding of John Maxwell’s teachings and create a community of like-minded professionals.

The Certification Program is composed of twelve courses that are designed to ensure that a participant achieves the highest level of mastery in the field of leadership development. These courses include Personal Leadership Development, Leadership Principles, Servant Leadership, Innovative Leadership, Influence and Mentoring, Leadership in Groups and Teams, Coaching and Facilitation, Strategic Leadership, and Business Leadership.

In addition, the program includes Master Classes focused on topics such as Team Building, Conflict Resolution, Leadership Styles, Body Language, Time Management, and Goal Setting.

Upon completion of the Certification Program, a John Maxwell Certified Coach is awarded the John Maxwell Certification. This certification gives individuals the ability to legally use the Maxwell name and initials in front of their business titles.

Becoming a Certified Coach also grants exclusive access to a variety of resources and tools, including monthly mentor calls, newsletters, webinars, seminars, and an online community of other John Maxwell Certified Coaches.

Is John Maxwell religious?

John Maxwell is an internationally recognized Christian leader and mentor who speaks to audiences around the world. He is known for his emphasis on the importance of having a personal relationship with God and living out one’s faith.

Therefore, while he is not affiliated with any specific religious denomination, he is considered a religious leader and teacher who encourages spiritual growth and greater service to others. His books, teachings, and seminars often focus on topics related to faith, personal growth, and Christian leadership.

He is a bestselling author of over 90 books offering insight and advice on topics related to life and leadership, and he is the founder of EQUIP, a nonprofit organization devoted to developing leaders.

As a highly influential religious leader, John Maxwell often speaks at conferences, churches, and retreats for religious leaders around the world.

How do you become a Maxwell leader?

Becoming a Maxwell Leader requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and commitment. It is important to understand what makes a good leader and to strive to develop those qualities.

To become a Maxwell Leader, start by studying the principles and values that define a leader. Understand the principles of ethics, decision-making, communication, and team-building. Develop skills related to networking, communication, and problem-solving.

Learn how to manage people and situations.

Once you have a basic understanding of leadership, work on developing your skills. Take part in leadership programs, join professional organizations, attend seminars, and read books about leadership.

Participate in activities that will help you understand how to lead – like running meetings, delegating tasks, and resolving conflicts.

Be an active member in your community. Show your commitment to making a difference and demonstrate effective leadership by participating in projects and volunteering.

Finally, make sure to have a mentor to help guide you. A mentor can provide support, advice, and insight into what it takes to be a successful leader.

Following these steps will help you become a Maxwell Leader. Becoming a leader takes effort and dedication, but with hard work and dedication, you can reach your goal of becoming a Maxwell Leader.

What is the most respected coaching certification?

When it comes to the most respected coaching certification, it often comes down to the preferences of the individual and the industry they plan to coach in. That said, the International Coach Federation (ICF) generally provides the most respected and recognized coaching certification.

ICF’s certification program is focused on professional coaching competencies, such as ethics, core coaching skills, and results-oriented coaching practices. It is also the only ICF-accredited program that specifically prepares coaches to apply ICF’s Core Coaching Competencies.

Additionally, many renowned universities around the world have begun to include the ICF’s certification program in their curriculums, making it far more accepted and respected. Ultimately, obtaining ICF certification is often a wise decision for those looking to become professional coaches by obtaining the most honored and recognized certification available.

How much does it cost to get ICF certification?

The cost of getting an International Coach Federation (ICF) certification varies depending on the level of certification you are considering.

For the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) designation, the ICF requires at least 60 hours of mentored coach-specific training and a minimum of 100 hours of coaching experience. The approximate cost for this certification is between $4,000 – $4,500 for both the training and mentoring, in addition to ICF’s application fee of $100 and annual dues of $90.

For the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designation, the ICF requires a minimum of 125 hours of advanced coach-specific training, 500 hours of coaching experience, 10 hours of mentor coaching, and the successful completion of the required ICF assessment.

The expected total cost of obtaining this designation could be upwards of $12,000, which includes ICF’s application fee of $100 and annual dues of $90.

Finally, the Master Certified Coach (MCC) designation requires at least 200 hours of coach-specific training, 2,500 hours of documented coaching experience, and 20 hours of mentor coaching. This is considered the highest level of certification available from the ICF, and the approximate cost for this certification could range from $20,000 – $25,000, in addition to ICF’s application fee of $100 and annual dues of $90.

Overall, the cost of ICF certification can vary greatly depending on the level of certification you are interested in and the type of training program you choose.

Does John Maxwell have a doctorate degree?

No, John Maxwell does not have a doctorate degree. He holds an honorary doctorate from Azusa Pacific University, which was bestowed upon him in 2006. However, he does not have an earned doctoral degree.

John Maxwell is a New York Times best-selling author, speaker, and leadership consultant who has made his mark on the world through his books and speaking engagements. He is a sought-out speaker who has spoken to millions of people all over the world.

He has written over 60 books, published in 37 languages, and has sold over 20 million books. He has conducted Leadership 2. 0 events on various college campuses over the past two decades. While he may not have a doctorate degree, he is one of the world’s foremost experts on leadership and development.

What does Maxwell say is the greatest motivational principle in the world is?

Maxwell’s greatest motivational principle in the world is his law of attraction. He believes that the Universe is governed by this law, which means that in order for us to achieve success, wealth and happiness, we must first think, believe and feel as if we already have them.

He explains that if we have a strong and positive attitude, the Universe will not only send us opportunities, but will also magnify the resulting reward. He encourages us to stay true to our thoughts and manifest our desires into reality by engaging in actions that are in line with our goals and aspirations.

According to Maxwell, the Universe will listen to our thoughts and respond accordingly, and if we stay focused, our desires will come to fruition. He believes that the law of attraction works if we believe, think and feel positively and that what we put out into the Universe has the power to come back to us.

What are the three 3 things you have learned from the theory of John C. Maxwell the 5 level of leadership?

The five levels of leadership described by John C. Maxwell are: Position, Permission, Production, People Development, and Pinnacle. I’ve learned three key things from this theory.

First, position is the most basic level of leadership, and it simply means an individual has the title of a leader but little else. They may not actually be leading or inspiring anyone but only hold the title of leader.

Second, permission involves connecting with people. It’s when leaders begin to earn the trust of their followers and build relationships that are based on respect. Leaders should take the time to learn more about their followers and find out what motivates them.

Finally, production is when leaders start to demonstrate to their teams the effectiveness of their leadership style. Leaders at this level not only earn the respect of their followers but bring about tangible results.

They create an environment of collaboration and cooperation that helps teams become more efficient and successful.

By understanding the five levels of leadership described by John C. Maxwell, I have become a more effective leader. I understand the importance of having a position of authority, but I have also learned the importance of obtaining permission from my followers in order to lead them effectively.

I am also aware that in order to be a successful leader, I need to demonstrate tangible results to those that I lead.

What are the five levels of leadership by Maxwell briefly describe each?

John C. Maxwell’s 5 Levels of Leadership is a popular and well respected leadership theory, which provide a roadmap for developing better leadership skills. The 5 Levels are:

1. Position – This is the basic level of leadership, where the authority and responsibility are given by the company. This level is about your title, role, and formal authority.

2. Permission – This is when you earn the respect of your people and they are willing to follow you. People here follow you, not because of your title, but because they like, trust, and respect you.

3. Production – This level is all about getting results, and reaching both team and individual goals. It is about mobilizing people around a shared vision and setting standards of excellence.

4. People Development – In this level, you are focusing on developing your team and helping them grow in their roles. You equip and empower team members with skills and resources to bring out their best.

5. Pinnacle – This is the highest level of leadership, where you become an influencer. This level involves involving yourself in new projects and initiatives that you believe in and inspiring others to do the same.

Overall, John C. Maxwell’s 5 Levels of Leadership is an excellent framework to develop strong leadership skills and help you reach your fullest potential as a leader. By following the 5 levels, you can become a successful leader and have a positive impact on your team and organization.

What is the five levels of leadership according to John Maxwell?

John Maxwell is an internationally acclaimed leadership expert, speaker, and author, who has developed a comprehensive model for understanding the levels and components of leadership. His five levels of leadership are:

1. Position: Position is the most fundamental level of leadership; this is where individuals take a leadership role simply by virtue of their title or job.

2. Permission: Permission-based leaders are those who create a relationship with their followers and earn respect by relying on open communication and mutual trust.

3. Production: Leaders who achieve production level focus on action and results. They set goals, empower and motivate their followers, and foster collaboration to get things done.

4. People Development: Leaders at this level are invested and actively involved in developing their followers. They provide support and believe in their followers’ potential for personal and professional growth.

5. Pinnacle: Leaders at this final level are able to create legacy. Through their influence, mature organizational culture, and great teams, they develop a lasting, positive impact that continues long after they are gone.

To become a successful leader and reach higher levels, one must advance through all five stages. It’s important to remember that each level builds upon the last, and that no level should be overlooked.

When leaders manage their teams effectively at each level and strive to reach the pinnacle, they can truly make a lasting impact on their teams and organizations.

What is Maxwell leadership style?

Maxwell leadership style is a transformational leadership style based on the principles outlined in the books of John C. Maxwell, like “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” and “Developing the Leader Within You.

” The Maxwell leadership style emphasizes the leader’s role as a mentor and coach, providing opportunities for followers to reach their leadership potential. It promotes empowerment, motivation, and innovation, believing that high performance can be achieved through collaboration and mutual respect.

Maxwell leadership style encourages leaders to communicate openly and often, to share knowledge and expertise with followers, and to create a safe environment where ideas can be shared. Leaders must be prepared to listen and answer questions, to provide feedback and support, and to trust their followers’ ideas.

When failure occurs, Maxwell leadership style insist that leaders and followers learn from mistakes and use the feedback to inform future action. This approach emphasizes learning and development more than discipline, so leadership is seen more as a team effort than a hierarchical structure.

The leader should be a role model of this approach, one who inspires rather than commands followers. The ultimate goal is to build a culture where individuals have the needed skills, confidence, and trust to create meaningful change.

What does everything rises and falls on leadership mean?

Everything rises and falls on leadership is a phrase often used to emphasize the importance of leadership in any situation. It implies that the success or failure of an individual, organization, or venture largely depends on the leadership present.

In other words, even the best product or offering will fail without strong and effective leadership. The phrase also emphasizes the concept of taking ownership and responsibility, rather than expecting great results without putting in the hard work and effort.

Good leadership involves more than just telling people what to do; leaders must also connect with their team, create a vision and motivate others to work toward that vision, foster collaboration and communication, and embody the values and purpose of their organization.

Without quality leadership, any venture will struggle to reach its full potential.