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How much is a Hyosung GT250R?

The cost of a Hyosung GT250R depends on a variety of factors, including the year and condition of the bike, as well as the seller. On average, the base Hyosung GT250R price is between $3,000 and $5,000, with some higher-end models costing upwards of $6,000.

The Hyosung GT250R is a reliable and well-equipped entry-level road bike, ideal for beginner and intermediate riders alike. It offers a lightweight frame, high-powered engine, and a host of features like a digital dashboard, self-cancelling turn signals, and a double-piston rear disc brake.

On the open market, used Hyosung GT250Rs typically range between $2,500 and $3,500, making them an excellent value for the price.

Is Hyosung GT250R discontinued?

Yes, the Hyosung GT250R was officially discontinued in 2014. Hyosung initially released the GT250R model in 2011 and after only three years officially discontinued it and replaced it with the GT250. While it was popular among riders, the performance of the bike was considered underwhelming and the overall design was dated from the start.

With the release of the GT250 model, Hyosung was able to improve the engine, making it more powerful, and update the styling to make it more modern and attractive to riders. Although it’s no longer available, the Hyosung GT250R is still considered by many to be an enjoyable, entry level sportbike.

What is the price of Hyosung GT650R?

The price of the Hyosung GT650R is dependent on the region and availability. In India, the bike is priced at ₹5,58,973. In the U. S. , the GT650R is available for $5,399. Prices will also vary depending on the features and specifications of the particular model.

As a general rule of thumb, the higher-end models with more features will cost more. Additionally, dealers will typically offer customers various financing deals, so the price could be even higher depending on the financing option chosen.

How much does a Hyosung motorcycle cost?

The price of a Hyosung motorcycle depends on the model and the features that come with it. The entry-level models of Hyosung motorcycles usually cost somewhere between $2,999 and $4,699, while the top-end models may range anywhere from $8,999 to $16,999.

The price of a Hyosung motorcycle may also vary depending on the trim levels and additional features, such as an anti-lock braking system, which adds to the overall cost of the bike. Additionally, the prices stated above do not include any additional fees or taxes that may apply depending on where you live.

Is Hyosung a good motorcycle?

Hyosung is a good motorcycle choice for riders looking for a reliable and affordable option. The bikes have been in production since 1999 and offer a good balance of power and performance. The models offer a variety of engine sizes (ranging from 125cc to 600cc) as well as a range of feature options.

The bikes also come with a two-year warranty which is an added bonus. Additionally, Hyosung is known for its affordability, making it a great choice for riders on a budget. In terms of reliability, the bikes have a good track record and are backed by a strong technical support network.

All in all, Hyosung is an excellent choice for an affordable and reliable motorcycle.

Is the Hyosung GT a good bike?

The Hyosung GT is a good bike depending on what you are looking for in a bike. For someone looking for a reliable and speedy ride, the GT may be a great choice. It is powered by a 153. 7cc V-twin engine, which is powerful enough for most everyday riders.

Plus, it only weighs about 145kg, meaning it is lightweight, which makes it easy to handle. Additionally, its striking design ensures that it looks good while also providing reliable performance. The suspension also ensures a comfortable ride.

On the downside, the GT doesn’t have the most cutting-edge technology of modern motorcycles. Still, it is reliable, durable, and provides speedy performance. Therefore, depending on the features most important to you, the Hyosung GT may be the perfect bike for your needs.

Do they still make Hyosung?

Yes, Hyosung is still in production. They are a South Korean motorcycle manufacturer that specializes in producing lightweight bikes. They offer a wide range of models, from motocross to touring and sport bikes, as well as ATVs and scooters.

Hyosung bikes range from 50 to 650 cc models and feature advanced technology, such as electronic fuel injection, liquid-cooling, upside down forks, and traction control. With a 10-year baseline warranty, Hyosung continues to provide consumers with quality, affordable motorcycle options.

Will Hyosung come back?

At this time, it is not clear if Hyosung will come back. She is no longer active in the entertainment industry after deciding to leave the K-pop Girl Group SECRET in 2016. While there have been some rumors of her coming back to the entertainment industry, nothing has been confirmed yet.

It is possible that she may decide to make a comeback in the future, though she has never made any announcements regarding it. Fans continue to wish for her to come back and are hopeful that she will make a decision to do so someday soon.

Did Hyosung make Suzuki?

No, Hyosung did not make Suzuki. Hyosung is a South Korean motorcycle manufacturing company that was founded in 1978. It produces ATVs, scooters and motorcycles. Suzuki, on the other hand, is a Japanese multinational corporation that began in 1909.

It manufactures automobiles, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), and outboard marine engines. Suzuki has a network of 193 distributors in 128 countries. The company does not have a joint venture with Hyosung.

Are Hyosung motorcycles any good?

Hyosung motorcycles are generally considered to be good bikes. They are made of high quality materials and have some great features, like fuel injection, a liquid cooled engine, and a great selection of accessories.

Hyosung owners report that the bikes are reliable and easy to work on. The company also provides excellent customer support and good after-sale services. In terms of engine performance, Hyosung bikes are said to be above average.

The company has a wide range of models, suitable for everyone from beginner riders to experienced ones. Overall, Hyosung motorcycles are good bikes that offer a great mix of features and performance at a reasonable price.