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How much does a room at La Quinta cost?

The cost of a room at La Quinta depends on the type of room you choose, and when you plan to stay. For example, a Standard King Room starts at around $95 per night during the week and $104 per night during the weekend.

However, if you choose a Suite King Room, the price increases to $119 per night during the week and $129 per night during the weekend. Additionally, the cost of a room can be higher depending on peak travel times and events in the area.

It’s best to check La Quinta’s website for the most up-to-date pricing and room availability.

How much does La Quinta hold on credit card?

La Quinta requires a valid credit card, or a debit/check card with the Visa or MasterCard logo, to be presented at check-in. The amount held on the card will vary, depending on the total cost of stay, and the hotel’s policy.

Generally, the hotel will place a preauthorization charge on the card (in the US this is usually the estimated cost of the stay, including taxes, plus an additional 20-50% for incidentals). This amount is “held” on the card until the guest checks out and the final bill is prepared.

At that point, the preauthorization charge is released, and the card is charged with the final amount. The preauthorization and authorization charges can take up to a few days to be completely released, depending on the credit card company and the hotel’s policy.

Can 18 year olds stay at La Quinta?

Yes, 18 year olds are allowed to stay at La Quinta. The minimum age requirement for staying at a La Quinta hotel is 18 years old. Every La Quinta hotel may have slightly different policies regarding age, so it is always best to double-check with the specific location you are planning to stay in.

All guests must have a valid government-issued photo ID such as a driver’s license or passport that can be presented at check-in in order to verify identity and age.

Does La Quinta make you pay a deposit?

No, La Quinta does not require a deposit upon booking a hotel room. However, some packages that include third-party activities or services may have deposit requirements. In addition, your individual reservation could be subject to a deposit depending on the specific rate or promotion you select or if you use a debit card to pay at check-in.

La Quinta states that they reserve the right to verify funds prior to check-in, which may require a deposit. When you make your reservation, it is important to check the cancellation policy associated with the room you choose.

A deposit may be required if you book a prepaid rate, a specific promotion or if you use a debit card.

Does La Quinta charge your card right away?

No, La Quinta does not charge your card right away. Generally, when you make a reservation online, your card is only authorized for the estimated cost of the entire stay. The hotel does not collect payment until you have checked out of the room.

Therefore, the actual cost may vary depending on the length of the stay and any incidental fees that are incurred during the stay. When you check out, the hotel may make an additional ‘authorization’ request against your card.

However, they do not actually collect payment until they have completed the checkout process. In some cases, if you are using a third-party website to book a room at La Quinta, they may charge you right away.

However, in most cases, the hotel will still not collect payment until checkout.

How much is held on a credit card for a rental car?

The amount that is held on a credit card for a rental car varies by rental car company and the type of car being rented. Generally speaking, the rental car company will authorize a certain amount to the credit card being used to pay for the rental.

This is usually an estimated total for the cost of the car rental, plus taxes and any additional fees that may apply, such as additional driver’s fees and insurance charges. The actual amount held on the credit card may be more or less than this estimated amount.

This authorization holds the funds for the full duration of the car rental, and the amount does not actually leave the credit card until the car is returned and the final charges are calculated. The amount held on the credit card usually decreases after the car is returned and the final charges processed.

What is a standard room at La Quinta?

A standard room at La Quinta is a great choice if you’re looking for a comfortable and affordable space to stay during your travels. Each room includes two queen-sized beds with soft and cozy bedding, as well as, a flat-screen television, free Wi-Fi access, and a microwave and refrigerator for your convenience.

In addition to these basic amenities, other features of the room may vary depending on the location and include, but are not limited to, a desk and chair, a coffee maker, and a hair dryer. All of our locations are also pet-friendly and offer guests a variety of other amenities such as a business center, fitness center, complimentary breakfast, and outdoor pool for your enjoyment.

We make sure each of our guests leave feeling satisfied with their stay and look forward to coming back.

Do La Quintas have free breakfast?

No, La Quinta hotels do not generally provide free breakfast. However, some La Quinta hotels may offer a free breakfast bar with coffee, juice, and pastries, while others may offer a limited breakfast menu.

Guests should check directly with their hotel to see if any free or discounted breakfast options are available. For guests who want to enjoy a hearty breakfast, most La Quinta hotels are near restaurants that offer breakfast meals.

Do you have to check out at La Quinta?

Yes, you must check out at La Quinta. It is important to follow the check-out procedures for a safe and smooth checkout process. The following steps should be taken when checking out:

1. Gather all of your belongings from your room and put them in the designated area.

2. Leave all of the room keys in the room with the door unlocked.

3. Stop by the front desk to return your key and to sign any documents that may be needed.

4. Let the front desk staff know that you are ready to check out so they can process your payment.

5. Make sure to receive and review a copy of your receipt, if requested.

It is also important to follow all other hotel policies and procedures while checking out, such as leaving a valid form of payment or adhering to the hotel’s checkout time. Checking out of La Quinta is an easy and straightforward process, but must be completed to ensure that the room is available for the next guest.

Is coffee free in La Quinta Inn?

No, coffee is not free in La Quinta Inn. La Quinta Inn offers coffee makers in each room. Guests can purchase coffee and related items such as creamer and sugar packets at the in-house café or at participating vendors in the lobby.

Prices vary depending on the type of coffee and size of cup. La Quinta also offers free coffee in the lobby in the morning. Additionally, guests can opt for room service as La Quinta Inn provides coffee as a room service option.

What time is continental breakfast La Quinta?

Continental breakfast at La Quinta typically starts at 6:00 AM and runs until 9:30 AM each day. The exact time may depend on location. Many locations also offer a Free Bright Side Breakfast where guests can choose from several items such as pancakes, French toast sticks, oatmeal, breakfast burritos and more.

This type of breakfast typically runs until 10:00 AM. Guests should check with the front desk at their hotel for more information on the breakfast options available.

What is included in complimentary breakfast?

Complimentary breakfast typically refers to a light breakfast that is offered for free to the guests of a hotel or bed and breakfast. The meal can vary depending on the establishment and often includes items such as bagels, toast, cereal, muffins, fruit, coffee and tea.

Some hotels provide additional items such as eggs, oatmeal, pancakes, yogurt, and breakfast sandwiches. Other items that may be offered as part of a complimentary breakfast include baked goods, spreads and condiments, juice, and hot beverages.

The quantity and type of free breakfast items offered to hotel guests can vary, so it is important to check with the hotel directly to determine what, if any, complimentary breakfast is provided.

What is La Quinta Bright Side breakfast?

La Quinta Bright Side breakfast is a complimentary breakfast that La Quinta offers to all of their guests. Every morning the breakfast features a selection of cereals, juices, juices, danish pastries, Bagels, Muffins, Toast, Home Fries, and Fruits.

Additionally, La Quinta Bright Side breakfast also usually includes scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon and many other hot items that may vary by hotel. All of the food served is high quality, fresh and delicious! By offering this breakfast, La Quinta provides a great service to their customers and allows them to start their day right with a delicious and energizing meal.

Why do hotels hold $100?

Hotels typically hold $100 from a guests credit card as an authorization for any expenses accrued during the stay, such as room service, movies, or mini bar items. This authorization temporarily reduces the amount of available credit the cardholder has until the hotel’s final bill is paid in full.

The hotel is essentially taking on the risk that the cardholder may not pay for their stay and any expenses that come with it, thus the temporary “hold” on the credit limit. Additionally, some hotels may deem it necessary to place a hold depending on the charges expected to be incurred during the stay.

For example, many hotels that offer day-rates may require an authorization of $100 to cover the rental fee plus a room service meal, should the guest choose to do so while they are there. Other hotels with more expensive room rates may choose to authorize a greater amount than just $100.

The policy of how much a hotel holds is ultimately set by the hotel chain and should be listed on the website or otherwise made known to the customer in advance of their stay.

What is normal deposit for the hotel?

The normal deposit required at a hotel may vary depending on the particular hotel. Generally, most hotels require a deposit to cover any incidentals that may be charged to the guest’s room during the duration of their stay.

This may range from a pre-authorisation on a credit card to the actual payment of the expected stay costs. In particular, it is common for hotels to request a deposit equal to one night’s stay, which could either be paid in advance or processed as a credit card pre-authorisation.

In addition to monetary deposits, some hotels also ask for a valid credit card, passport or other forms of identification as security. Ultimately, the amount and form of deposit required for a hotel visit will depend largely on the policies of the specific hotel.