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How much does a Kawasaki Vulcan S 650 cost?

The cost of a Kawasaki Vulcan S 650 depends on the make and model year, as well as the condition of the motorcycle. The MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) for a brand new 2020 Kawasaki Vulcan S 650 is $7,499.

Prices for used or pre-owned models will vary, depending on their age, condition, and modifications. Generally, pre-owned versions of this bike will range from $4,000 to $7,000. Prices may also be inflated due to the popularity of the bike and its unique design features.

It is best to shop around for the best price, and check for any additional fees or taxes that may apply.

Is the Vulcan S 650 a good bike?

The Vulcan S 650 from Kawasaki is an excellent motorcycle choice for an experienced rider, or someone who is just starting out. It is a comfortable, versatile, lightweight bike that can fit a wide variety of riders.

Its 649cc parallel twin engine is powerful enough to get you around town or out on the highway. The bike is equipped with long travel suspension to provide a smooth, comfortable ride on rough roads, as well as drag-style foot pegs to help keep the rider in an upright, relaxed riding position.

Additionally, the ABS brakes provide exceptional stopping power and ensure the safety of the rider.

Overall, with its strong engine, dual-purpose design, and well-crafted styling, The Vulcan S 650 from Kawasaki is an excellent motorcycle. It is a great introductory bike for newer riders and also offers enough power, agility, and versatility for more experienced riders.

Is a Kawasaki Vulcan s fast?

The Kawasaki Vulcan S is a great all-around bike that offers a comfortable ride and plenty of power for both beginner and experienced riders alike. In terms of raw speed, the bike can reach top speeds of around 105 mph, depending on the model and any modifications that have been made.

Many riders find this to be plenty of speed for city or highway cruising. That said, the Vulcan S is not intended to be a race motorcycle, so riders may find it lacking in top-end power compared to some of the other sport models on the market.

However, with the 649cc parallel-twin engine, the Vulcan S still has plenty of mid-range power to cruise around and have plenty of fun.

Can you have a passenger on a Vulcan S?

Yes, you can have a passenger on a Vulcan S. The Vulcan S has a comfortable passenger seat designed for a single person that is located right behind the rider. It features a flat, wide seating area that offers plenty of legroom and is adjustable to fit your preferred seating position.

The foot pegs can also be adjusted to fit the passenger’s positioning and the adjustable handlebar helps ensure that the passenger has a comfortable ride. The passenger footrests are comfortable and feature rubber no-slip surfaces.

Additionally, the gloves and highway pegs that come with the Vulcan S are perfect for a comfortable passenger ride.

How many MPG does a Vulcan S get?

The Kawasaki Vulcan S is a cruiser style bike with a 649cc engine. It has a fuel tank capacity of 3. 7 gallons and gets an average of 43 miles per gallon (MPG) of fuel. This fuel economy is quite impressive for a cruiser bike, especially when compared to other cruisers with larger engines.

It can take you up to 158 miles before needing to refuel. As you may expect, higher speeds can reduce the overall MPG that you get, so if you are looking to get even more fuel efficiency out of the Vulcan S then you should aim to keep your speed as close to the speed limit as possible.

Which is better Vulcan S or Rebel 500?

The decision of which bike is better for you between the Honda Rebel 500 and Vulcan S ultimately depends on what type of riding you will be doing and your personal preference. The Rebel 500 is a great choice for anyone cruising around town, making it a great first bike for newer riders, as it’s low and manageable, with a comfortable riding position and an ample amount of power.

The Vulcan S’s more upright seating position is great for commuting and longer rides, and has the additional bonuses of adjustable footpegs, adjustable handlebars, and adjustable suspension.

In terms of performance, the Rebel 500 has a 471cc parallel-twin engine that delivers a reliable and gutsy power. It’s heavier than the Vulcan S, but feels more stable, which can be useful for newer riders.

The Vulcan S’s 649cc parallel-twin engine is more powerful and acceleration is smooth and precise.

Overall, both bikes are great choices, and it comes mostly down to personal preference. If you want to ride around town, the Rebel 500 is a great option. If you’re looking for more power and a more comfortable ride for longer journeys, then the Vulcan S would be a better choice.

What is the range on a Kawasaki Vulcan S?

The Kawasaki Vulcan S has a range of anywhere from 175 to 200 miles per tank, depending on various factors such as the rider’s weight, how aggressively the motorcycle is being ridden, ambient temperature and humidity, and how often the bike is used for two-up riding.

This makes it perfect for longer rides, so you can travel farther and not have to worry about running out of fuel. The fuel economy of the Vulcan S also makes it a great choice for commuting, as you won’t be spending too much on trips around town.

Is Kawasaki Vulcan S good for long distance?

When it comes to long distance riding, the Kawasaki Vulcan S is a great choice. The ergonomics of the bike, as well as its engine and overall fuel economy, make it ideal for long-distance riders. The upright riding position makes it comfortable to ride, and the suspension is smooth and responsive.

The seat is adjustable, so you can find a position that fits you perfectly. The 649 cc parallel-twin engine produces smooth, powerful acceleration, and the 6-speed transmission provides easy gear shifting.

Additionally, the bike gets great fuel economy, with reported figures of up to 59 mpg. All in all, the Kawasaki Vulcan S is an excellent choice for longer rides, with its comfortable ergonomics, smooth and efficient engine, and great fuel economy.

Is Kawasaki 650 reliable?

The Kawasaki 650 is a reliable motorcycle which has been around for many years and is an easy bike to maintain. It is also known for its great fuel economy and strong performance. The engine is well-built and can handle regular use with minimal repair or maintenance.

The frame is also strong and reliable, and the suspension is excellent. The bike is also ergonomically designed to fit riders of all sizes and body types. For those looking for a reliable motorcycle that is easy to maintain, the Kawasaki 650 is a great choice.