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How much does a Henry Long Ranger?

The cost of a Henry Long Ranger rifle depends on the specific model you are looking for. Prices for these rifles range from about $875 for the Long Ranger Deluxe with an American Walnut stock, to $1,175 for the Long Ranger Deluxe with a Brasslite Receiver.

In addition to the specific model you select, other factors that could affect the cost include the availability of the specific rifle, any customization you may have done, and which store you purchase it from.

How much does a Henry 6.5 Creedmoor cost?

The cost of a Henry 6. 5 Creedmoor rifle varies depending on the vendor and any special features you may want added, such as a scope or other accessories. Generally speaking, the base model of the 6.

5 Creedmoor rifle can range from around $699 to $899. Special edition models such as the Golden Boy Thumbhole 6. 5 Creedmoor can cost as high as $1,499. Depending on the vendor, you can usually find discounted prices or bundles that include a scope and other accessories which can save you money overall.

Ultimately, the cost of a Henry 6. 5 Creedmoor rifle can fall anywhere between $699 to $1,499.

What calibers can you get in a Henry Long Ranger?

Henry Long Ranger rifles are available in a variety of calibers, including. 223 Remington,. 204 Ruger,. 243 Winchester,. 270 Winchester,. 308 Winchester,. 30-06 Sprinfield, and 6. 5 Creedmoor. All of these calibers are built on a 22” blued sporter barrel for the best accuracy possible, with adjustable buckhorn-style sights.

The Long Ranger is ideal for hunting game of all sizes, target shooting and plinking. With its classic look and updated features, the Long Ranger provides an unparalleled shooting experience.

Is the Henry Long Ranger good for hunting?

Yes, the Henry Long Ranger is an excellent choice for hunting. It is a lever-action rifle chambered for a range of popular hunting cartridges, including. 223 Rem,. 243 Win,. 30-30 Win, and. 45-70 Govt.

The seven-pound-plus rifle features a twenty-four inch round barrel, adjustable rear sights, a checkered American walnut stock, and a six-round tubular magazine. It is also capable of accepting scope mounts for more precise shooting at longer distances.

Furthermore, it is considered to be one of the more accurate lever-action rifles available on the market today, which is important in hunting applications. In conclusion, the Henry Long Ranger is a great choice for hunting due to its reliable design, flexibility in terms of ammunition choices, and its accuracy.

Why are Henry rifles so hard to find?

Henry rifles are becoming increasingly difficult to find due to their popularity and limited supply. The Henry rifle was first introduced in 1860 and quickly became an iconic symbol of the American western frontier.

Its durability, reliability, and beauty meant that it was adopted by hunters, cowboys, and lawmen alike. The rifle was originally manufactured by Oliver F. Henry, who was a gunsmith originally from Connecticut.

Produced until the 1880s, Henry rifles were in high demand and productions numbers were limited.

In the years since their production stopped, the demand for the rifle has not decreased. Henry rifles can still be seen in popular culture, such as Western shows and movies, which helps to keep the demand high.

Additionally, the rifle was only produced in limited numbers, making finding original Henry rifles difficult. Furthermore, over the years rifles have also been subject to wear and tear, making it harder to find an intact, original rifle.

With the combination of limited production numbers and aging, Henry rifles have become increasingly difficult to find.

Are Henry rifles valuable?

Yes, Henry rifles can be quite valuable depending on the age and condition. The original Henry rifles (made from 1860-1866 by the New Haven Arms Company) are among some of the most desirable and valuable antique firearms with values ranging from $10,000 to over $100,000 for a pristine example.

Other models of Henry rifles, such as the Model 1866, the Model 1895, and the Big Boy, are also quite desirable and valuable.

The Henry rifle was the first ever repeating rifle and was the direct predecessor of the Winchester rifle. This makes it an incredibly sought-after weapon and increases its overall value. The rifle is also considered to have played an important role in the US Civil War and has been featured in several films and television shows, which also helps to further its desirability and value.

How much did a lever-action rifle cost in 1880?

In 1880, the cost of a lever-action rifle depended on the type of rifle and manufacturer. Prices for these rifles generally ranged from around $25 to $50, depending on quality and the seller. The cost for a high-end, premium lever-action rifle produced by a company like Winchester could be as much as $100 or more.

Other manufacturers such as Marlin, Colt and Savage could be significantly less. Additionally, the cost of a lever-action rifle could vary depending on the extras included, such as a telescopic sight, a knife, and a rifle scabbard.

Where is Abraham Lincoln’s Henry rifle?

Abraham Lincoln’s Henry rifle is part of the collection at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield, Illinois. The rifle, a. 44 caliber Henry Club rifle, was acquired by the library in 1998.

It is kept in a secure display case and visitors can see the rifle as part of a guided tour.

The Henry rifle has been referred to as “The Gun That Won the West” and is invaluable to understanding the American West in the 19th Century. It is also a connection to an important part of Lincoln’s life as a railroad lawyer and his early political career.

Lincoln was known to have been a talented marksman by the age of 25, and the rifle is believed to have been part of his personal firearms collection.

The Henry rifle was produced in large-scale production in 1863, the same year Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation. The rifle is personally inscribed with Lincoln’s initials and the words, “As a token of success.


What is the rarest Henry rifle?

The rarest Henry rifle is the Henry Lever-Action. 44 Rimfire Rifle, which was made in limited quantities and first produced in 1866. It was the first repeating rifle to be produced using brass cartridges and featured a revolutionary octagonal barrel and an innovative loading gate design.

It was incredibly popular with hunters and trappers alike, and was the originator of the iconic Western-style lever-action rifle. Unfortunately, due to the expense of production, production of the Henry Rifle only lasted three years.

This, combined with its relatively small production numbers, helped make the Henry Lever-Action. 44 Rimfire Rifle one of the rarest guns in history. With an estimated total production count of only 13,000, this rifle is one of the rarest and most sought-after collector’s items in the world.

What calibers do Henry rifles come in?

Henry rifles come in a variety of calibers to best suit any given purpose or shooting style. Generally speaking, the most common calibers for Henry rifles are. 22LR and. 17HMR for small game hunting,.

22 WMR for mid-size game hunting and. 45-70 for large game hunting. Some of their more unique offerings include calibers such as the. 44 Magnum,. 44 Special,. 357 Magnum and. 410 bore. Additionally, a number of specialized models are available for target shooting, including the Henry U.

S. Survival AR7, which is chambered in. 22LR, and the Henry AR-7 Explorer, also chambered in. 22LR.

Does Henry still make the Long Ranger rifle?

No, Henry no longer makes the Long Ranger rifle. The company discontinued the production of the Long Ranger rifle and other lever-action models in 2020 due to changing market demands, costs associated with production, and parts availability.

The company plans to focus more tightly on bolt-action and rimfire firearms in the future in response to the changing landscape of hunting and recreational shooting. The company still produces lever-action rifles in the form of the Henry Big Boy and the Henry All-Weather models, in a variety of calibers.

The company is committed to producing the highest quality firearms available and stands behind each of its products with a lifetime warranty.

Why is it so hard to find Henry rifles?

It is difficult to find Henry rifles because they are rare and highly sought after by collectors. Henry rifles also hold a great deal of historical significance, as they were among the first commercially successful repeating rifles, which were used extensively during the Civil War.

Consequently, many of the surviving Henry models are very valuable antiques. Additionally, production of the Henry rifle was limited and only ran until the late 19th century. Today, it is estimated that there are fewer than 2,000 surviving Henrys.

Given their scarcity and the high demand they command, they can be quite expensive to purchase.

Can you deer hunt with a Henry?

Yes, you can deer hunt with a Henry. The Henry Company manufactures a wide range of rifles chambered for popular calibers that are suitable for deer hunting. Whether you choose a powerful. 45-70, a classic.

30-30, a rimfire. 22 Magnum, or a modern. 223, you’re sure to find the perfect rifle for the job. Henry’s robust action, high quality materials, and smooth lever-action design ensure reliability and accuracy in the field.

And with an array of features like transfer bars, fully adjustable buckhorn sights, drilled and tapped receivers, large loop levers, and high-grade American walnut stocks, they’re sure to make even the most experienced hunter a formidable foe to any game in the area.

What is the long range gun in Call of the Wild?

The long range gun in Call of the Wild is the Bolt Action Rifle. This rifle is a single-shot, manually operated rifle that can be used for both hunting and long range precision shooting. It is the most expensive gun in the game, but is well worth the price for its ability to quickly and efficiently take down wildlife from long distances.

It uses powerful. 30-06 Springfield and. 300 Winchester Magnum ammunition for added accuracy and range. Additionally, it features a solid steel receiver, hammer forged barrel, adjustable sights, and a detachable box magazine for added convenience and reliability.

In general, the rifle is known for its accuracy, range, and durability, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking for a reliable and accurate long-range weapon.

Is the Lone Ranger’s horse still alive?

No, unfortunately the Lone Ranger’s horse, Silver, is no longer alive. Silver was a white stallion that was chosen by the Lone Ranger and was the loyal companion of the Lone Ranger throughout the series.

The original horse that played as Silver was a Palomino stallion named Hi Yo Silver, who was owned and trained by Glenn Randall, Sr. Hi Yo Silver was already an old horse when he made his first appearance in 1949 and died in 1959.

There have been other horses portraying Silver since then, but they were all stand ins, not direct descendants of the original Hi Yo Silver.


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