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How much are blue eyed white dragons worth?

Blue eyed white dragons are considered to be valuable and rare, with some examples selling for the thousands of dollars. The individual value of blue eyed white dragons will vary depending on the size, age and health of the dragon, as well as its origin and pedigree.

In general, a large and healthy dragon which has been bred in captivity and comes from a good lineage could easily be worth thousands of dollars, while a smaller and younger individual could still be priced in the hundreds.

On the other hand, cheaper specimens of this dragon type can often be found in pet stores or online, with prices ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

Is a Blue-Eyes White Dragon Rare?

Yes, a Blue-Eyes White Dragon is considered a rare card in the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe. It is a notoriously powerful, Level 8, 3000 ATK monster that requires tribute in order to be summoned, and was one of the earliest monsters released in the TCG game.

This card has been valued for its immense power since its release.

Due to its revered reputation, a genuine Blue-Eyes White Dragon card can be expensive and has become somewhat of a collector’s item. In fact, some original Blue-Eyes White Dragon cards have sold for upwards of $600 due to their rarity and power.

For those looking to obtain the card without spending a fortune, the card has been reprinted several times and is available in various booster packs and starter decks. However, these reprinted versions are not as powerful or valuable as the original version.

What is the most valuable Yu-Gi-Oh card?

The most valuable Yu-Gi-Oh card today is the Tournament Black Luster Soldier, believed to be worth around $10,000. It was released in 1999 as a promotional card for the first Yu-Gi-Oh World Championship.

It’s a Level 8 Monster Effect Monster with 3000 attack and 2500 defense, and it can be sacrificed for the Ritual Summon of another Black Luster Soldier. As a tribute Monster, it’s by far the most coveted due to its rarity.

With only 4,000 copies printed worldwide it’s a must-have for any true collector.

Are blue eyes getting rarer?

Yes, blue eyes are getting rarer. While blue eyes used to be found in large portions of the population, recent studies have found that the prevalence of blue eyes is actually decreasing. Blue eyes have been around since the genetic mutation that allowed for the trait occurred, but their rarity is increasing due to a handful of factors.

For one, as more people have moved into cities, genetic diversity has become more limited, contributing to blue eyes becoming less common. Additionally, the recombination of genes that occurs with each generation can cause previously dominant traits, like blue eyes, to decrease in prevalence.

Studies have also shown that blue eye color is often correlated with other recessive genetic traits, so their combined decrease over time contributes to making blue eyes more rare.

What is better than a Blue-Eyes White Dragon?

A better monster than the Blue-Eyes White Dragon is the Divine-Beast Tamer Lara. This level eight monster has an impressive ATK of 2750, which is more than double that of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. It also has an effect that allows you to special summon one of your Beast monsters from your graveyard, giving it the potential for incredible combos.

With its higher ATK and bonus effect, Divine-Beast Tamer Lara is a powerful choice for any deck, particularly those involving Beast type monsters.

How do you get the original Blue-Eyes White Dragon?

The original Blue-Eyes White Dragon card was first released by Konami in the first series of the popular Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game in 1999. The card has not been printed in card packs since then, so the only way to obtain a copy is to purchase it from a collector or third-party marketplace.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon is the rarest and most sought-after card in the game, so it can be quite expensive. Fortunately, versions of the card, such as the Ultra Rare Version, have been re-released from time to time, which can make it more affordable.

Ultimately, it depends on the availability and rarity of the version you are looking for.

What Yu-Gi-Oh card sold for $2 million?

The Yu-Gi-Oh card that sold for $2 million is known as the “Tournament Black Luster Soldier”. It is an extremely rare card that many collectors covet due to its immense rarity and intricate design. It was a promotional card given out at the 1999 Yu-Gi-Oh tournament in Japan, making it one of the most expensive cards around.

The card features a dark-skinned warrior clad in armor and wielding a sword, along with the words “Black Luster Soldier” written across it. It also has an impressive amount of detail, including a battle-scarred face, orange trimming on the armor, and poofy yellow hair.

The card has accumulated such value over the years because of its unique design, rarity and the primality of only being available at a tournament in 1999. It has become one of the most sought-after cards in the world, especially among hardcore Yu-Gi-Oh collectors.

In May 2019, this card was sold for a staggering $2 million, making it the most expensive Yu-Gi-Oh card ever sold. This card is truly an iconic symbol of the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise and stands as a testament to how beloved the series is by fans.

What is the strongest dragon color?

The strongest dragon color is heavily debated among dragon enthusiasts, and there is no definitive answer to this question. Some people believe that black dragons, with their association with power and strength, are the strongest.

Others contend that red dragons, which are traditionally seen as the most powerful, are the strongest. Mythical creatures vary greatly in their attributes, so it is difficult to determine which dragon would be the overall strongest.

Ultimately, it’s up to personal opinion as to which color or type of dragon would be considered the strongest.

Can blue-eyes substitute white dragons?

No, blue-eyes cannot substitute white dragons. White dragons are a mythical creature that do not exist in real life, and blue-eyes are a type of fish, so it would be impossible for them to substitute each other.

Blue-eyes are a species of fish native to tropical and subtropical waters, usually found in the Mediterranean Sea. They usually grow to be about 8 inch long and are known for their luminous appearance.

On the other hand, white dragons are creatures of fantasy and are said to appear in many different forms including winged creatures, four-legged beasts, and serpent-like creatures. They are often said to possess magical powers and breath fire.

So while blue-eyes are a species of fish in the real world, white dragons are much different and cannot be substituted.


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