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How many number 1 hits does Ashanti have?

Who has the most #1 song of all time?

The most #1 song of all time is “One Sweet Day” by Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men. The song was released in 1995 and spent 16 weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It was written and produced by Carey, Walter AFlorf and Wanya Morris, and was inspired by the loss of Carey’s close friend, the singer Jonathan Melvoin.

It was the second single off of Carey’s sixth studio album, Daydream, and was a massive success. It was Carey’s 16th single to reach #1 and Boyz II Men’s fourth. The song has earned several awards, including a Grammy Award for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals in 1996, and was ranked as the most successful song of the 1990s, of all-time on the Billboard Hot 100, and was the all-time best-selling single by a female artist in the United States.

What is the biggest hit song ever?

The biggest hit song ever is Despacito by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee which was released in 2017. It topped the charts across the world and became one of the most streamed songs in history. With its catchy lyrics, heavy bassline and easy-to-sing-along-to chorus, it immediately gained popularity.

It spent 16 consecutive weeks at the top of the US Billboard Hot 100 chart and also went on to win a Latin Grammy and several Music Awards. This breakout hit immediately helped Luis Fonsi gain international fame, elevating him to the top of the music industry with his infectious reggaeton sound.

Does Cardi B have a number 1 hit?

Yes, Cardi B has a number 1 hit. She had her first number 1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with her song “Bodak Yellow” in 2017. In addition to being her first number 1 hit, it was also the first time a solo female rapper had a number 1 hit since Lauryn Hill in 1998.

“Bodak Yellow” was also certified six times Platinum by the RIAA. Cardi B also had her second number 1 hit with her song “I Like It” in 2018, which featured Bad Bunny and J Balvin. This song was certified seven times Platinum by the RIAA.

Cardi B has since achieved several more top 10 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 and Billboard 200 charts.

Does Nicki Minaj have any #1 hits?

Yes, Nicki Minaj has had several #1 hits since she debuted in 2010. Most notably, her songs “Super Bass” in 2011 and “Starships” in 2012 both topped the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. Additionally, her collaborations with other artists, including “Bang Bang” with Ariana Grande, Jessie J and “Swalla” with Jason Derulo and Ty Dolla $ign, have been huge successes and reached #1 on various music charts.

Nicki Minaj has also had many other songs that have reached the top of the charts, such as “Anaconda”, “Till the World Ends”, and “The Night Is Still Young”. In addition, her songs have been featured in various films and television shows, such as “Good Form” in the film The Other Woman, “I’m Legit” in Fox’s Empire and “Stupid Hoe” in the TV series Glee.

What Cardi B songs went number 1?

Cardi B has had a successful music career since her debut in 2015, with four of her singles reaching number one on Billboard’s US Hot 100. These songs are “Bodak Yellow” (2017), “I Like It” (2018), “Girls Like You” (2018) and “WAP” (2020).

“Bodak Yellow” was released in June 2017 and became Cardi B’s breakthrough single. It topped the US Hot 100 for three consecutive weeks in October 2017, becoming the first number one by a solo female rapper since Lauryn Hill in 1998.

In May 2018, Cardi B released “I Like It” which became her second number one single, featuring Bad Bunny and J Balvin. This track topped the US Hot 100 and stayed there for five consecutive weeks.

Later in 2018, Cardi B collaborated with Maroon 5 on “Girls Like You”. This single was another chart topper, remaining at number one for seven non-consecutive weeks.

The most recent Cardi B single to top the US Hot 100 was “WAP” in August 2020. Released in collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion, it was Cardi B’s eighth single to reach the top of the charts and the first ever to feature two female rappers.

Who was the first female rapper to get a number 1?

The first female rapper to reach the top of the Billboard charts was Lauryn Hill with her 1998 single “Doo Wop (That Thing). ” Hill was part of the group the Fugees and released her solo debut, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, earlier that same year.

Hill was also the youngest female rapper to reach the top of the charts at age 25, and was nominated for ten Grammy awards, taking home five. Hill’s “Doo Wop (That Thing)” was a groundbreaking achievement not only for female rappers but for female musicians in the hip hop genre, who had previously struggled to get mainstream recognition.

Although other female hip hop artists had enjoyed success on the charts prior to Hill, her single firmly established her as the first female rapper to land a number one on the Hot 100. Hill’s success also paved the way for other female artists, including Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, and Missy Elliot, to follow in her footsteps and experience chart-topping success.

Who has more #1 hits than the Beatles?

Elvis Presley has more #1 hits than any other artist, with a total of 80. This includes his 18 #1 hits on the Billboard Hot 100, as well as an additional 62 #1 hits on billboard’s special pop chart. The Beatles, by comparison, had a total of 20 #1 hits, with 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 and 0 on the pop chart.

Other artists with more #1 hits than the Beatles include Mariah Carey (79), Lil Wayne (73), and Elton John (67).

What song stayed number 1 the longest?

According to the Official Charts Company in the UK, the song that has stayed at number 1 the longest is “One More Time” by French DJ and producer, Daft Punk. Released in 2001, “One More Time” stayed at the top of the UK singles chart for nine weeks.

Since its release, the song has gone on to become one of the most successful and enduring tracks of 2000’s dance music. It has been sampled by numerous artists, covered by many more, and been featured in multiple film and television soundtracks.

What singer has the most number 1 hits?

The singer with the most number 1 hits is Mariah Carey. She has achieved eighteen number 1 hits on the Billboard Hot 100, giving her more than any other solo artist. Some of her number 1 singles include “Fantasy,” “Vision Of Love,” “One Sweet Day,” “We Belong Together,” and “Touch My Body.

” She has also had four number 1 albums: Music Box (1993), Daydream (1995), The Emancipation of Mimi (2005) and E=MC² (2008). Mariah Carey has been influential in the music industry for over thirty years and has received numerous awards, such as the World Music Award for Best Selling Female Artist of the Millennium and Billboard’s Artist of the Decade award.

Her success in the music industry shows no signs of slowing down, and she continues to have an impact on today’s music.