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How many cc is a Stihl ms250c?

The displacement of a Stihl MS250C chainsaw is 45. 4 cc (cubic centimeters). It has a 3. 2 HP (horsepower) engine and a fuel tank capacity of 12. 3 ounces. This chainsaw is equipped with an 18 inch or 20 inch bar and chain.

It is designed with a manual oil pump to ensure steady lubrication. This Stihl chainsaw also has an anti-vibration system and inertia activated chain brake for enhanced safety. The combination of its powerful performance and light weight make it one of the most versatile chainsaws in its class.

What does C mean on Stihl chainsaws?

C on a Stihl chainsaw is the indication of the chain pitch, or size. The pitch of a chainsaw chain is the size of the link, or the distance between any three rivets divided by two. This measurement is given in hundredths of an inch increments, with a “C” signifying a 0.

325″ pitch.

The 0. 325″ pitch is a common, middle range size of saw chain and is available from most manufacturers and fits most chainsaws properly. This size is good for general and occasional users, where the two smaller sizes, the 0.

250″ and 0. 218″ are better for lighter use and the larger pitches, such as 0. 404″ and 0. 375″ are used for heavier commercial applications.

Stihl is most well known for their general purpose, professional grade chainsaws. Stihl chainsaws are designed for frequent use and come in a variety of sizes, from chainsaws large enough to fell mighty logs, to smaller saws for garden pruning or tree surgery.

It is important to ensure that the right chain pitch is installed to match the size of the chainsaw to ensure optimum performance and safety.

What does the C stand for in Stihl equipment?

The “C” in Stihl equipment stands for “cleaned. ” This indicates that the equipment has undergone a comprehensive emission control system cleaning procedure, which is a process used to identify and eliminate dirt accumulations in the engines of Stihl-branded products.

The aim of this cleaning procedure is to ensure that the emissions from Stihl products meet strict emissions standards, with minimal harmful effects to the environment. By undergoing this rigorous process, Stihl equipment provides an improved performance and reliability that other brands are unable to match.

Furthermore, Stihl products are also subjected to quality control inspections to ensure that they meet or exceed the highest standards of performance and safety.

What size is the ms250?

The MS250 model chainsaw from Stihl has a cutting bar of 16 to 18 inches, and is considered a medium-sized saw suitable for domestic use. Its other specs include a 2. 3kW/3. 01bhp engine power output, a 1.

1kw/1. 5bhp power output to the front handle, and a total weight of 5. 6 kg. This model is designed to handle cutting tasks up to 30 cm in diameter, including felling small trees and pruning branches.

It also has an ergonomic handle, ergonomic grip, single-handed operation, and a long-life air filter for maximum efficiency. It includes a variety of cutting tools and accessories such as a carrying case, saw chain, and anti-vibration mounts.

Its fuel tank capacity is 0. 3 liters and its oil tank capacity is 0. 25 liters. For those who prefer to use cordless technology, it is available in a cordless version as well.

Does CC matter in chainsaws?

Yes, CC does matter in chainsaws. The cc refers to the displacement in cubic centimeters or cubic inches of the chainsaw’s combustion engine or electric motor. Generally speaking, the higher the CC rating, the more powerful the chainsaw will be.

A chainsaw with higher CC typically has more torque and can cut through thicker and longer logs with ease. For instance, a chainsaw with 40cc will handle logs up to 20 inches in diameter, while one with 50cc will tackle logs up to 24 inches in diameter.

When choosing a chainsaw, you should consider the intended usage and make sure you have the necessary power to handle whatever job you plan on doing. If you are mostly doing light cutting and trimming, a chainsaw in the range of 33 to 35cc will suffice.

But if you’re tackling larger logs and logs that are harder to cut through, then you should look for one with 50cc or more.

Of course, CC is not the only factor you should consider when purchasing a chainsaw. Things like the weight, amount of vibration, handle length, and the type of chain should also be taken into account.

What STIHL chain cuts the fastest?

The STIHL Rapid Super chain is designed to be the fastest cutting chain available from STIHL. The Rapid Super chain is a low-kickback chain that uses integrated RCSF (RAPID Super Chisel Full-Chisel) cutters for increased cutting speed.

It utilizes special, high-performance E-CutsSL™ cutters made of ultra-hard chromium-carbide for an unwavering cutting edge. These cutters have a service life that is longer than any other STIHL saw chain, helping them to remain effective and slice through material quicker.

Additionally, the Rapid Super chain features the patented STIHL OILOMATIC® lubrication system, which provides smooth and efficient lubrication, further contributing to its superior performance and cutting speed.

What do the letters mean on a chainsaw chain?

The letters on a chainsaw chain refer to the type, size, and style of the chain. Each manufacturer may have different letters and symbols for their chains, but some of the most common letter designations components are:

-Pitch: Refers to the distance between the drive links or rivets. This is often expressed in inches like .325”, .404”, .375”, 3/8”, and 3/4”.

-Gauge: This is the measurement of the thickness of the drive links. Common sizes are .050”, .063”, and .058”.

-Number of drive links: Refers to the total number of drive links on one row of chain. Typical chainsaw chains have between 56 and 68 drive links – the larger the number, the more powerful the cut.

-Type of cutters: This refers to the type of cutting edge on the chain. Common styles include chipper, full chisel, semi-chisel, and low profile.

-Type of kickback reduction: This refers to the type of chain designed to reduce the risk of kickback injuries. Chains can have blunt, radius, or double guard cutters designed to help reduce the risk of kickback.

Different chains may also use other keys such as the anti-kickback feature or the type of filing used to sharpen the chain. So understanding the letter designations on your chain will help you identify the exact type of chain for your needs.

What symbol is choke on Stihl?

The symbol for choke on a Stihl chainsaw or handheld blower is an “F” with a small circle around it. This symbol is typically found on top of the housing that contains the controls. It is important to position the choke correctly before starting the engine.

With the choke open, the engine has access to more air, making it easier to start the machine. When you switch the choke to the closed position, the engine does not get any air and it increases the resistance for the engine to start.

Closing the choke is especially important in cold weather as the engine may not start properly with the choke open.

How big of a bar can I put on a ms250?

The size of bar that can be used on a Stihl MS 250 chainsaw depends on the particular model and its characteristics. Traditional saws with a standard fuel mix (50:1) may handle bars up to 18” in length.

However, if the saw has a high-torque carburetor and is equipped with a Decompression Valve, the bar size can range from 12” – 20”. Additionally, models with a 50:1 air-cooled fuel mix can handle bars from 12” – 18”.

To be sure about the size of the bar that is right for your Stihl MS 250, it is best to consult your user manual or contact the manufacturer.

Can you put an 18-inch bar on a Stihl MS250?

Yes, you can put an 18-inch bar on a Stihl MS250 chain saw. The Stihl MS250 chain saw comes with a standard 16-inch bar and chain, but it is also compatible with an 18-inch bar and chain. When replacing the bar and chain, you will want to make sure you use genuine Stihl parts that are approved for use with the MS250.

Installing the new bar and chain is fairly straightforward. Once you have the correct parts, you will need to make sure the chain is correctly tensioned using the bar nut and chain adjuster. After that is complete, you can begin cutting.

If you have any questions about installation or are unfamiliar with the process, it’s a good idea to consult with a trained professional to ensure proper installation.

Can I put an Oregon bar on a Stihl chainsaw?

Yes, you can put an Oregon bar on a Stihl chainsaw. Oregon bars are designed for Stihl saws, so it should fit perfectly. When switching out a bar on a Stihl chainsaw, you will need to make sure that the chain is the correct size for the bar and that the drive links line up correctly.

If you are unsure, it is best to consult a qualified technician to make sure it is done safely and correctly. Oregon bars are generally made from high-grade steel and come with a warranty that covers any manufacturing defects.

In addition, these bars will provide you with improved cutting performance due to their unique heat-treated construction.

Is a longer chainsaw bar better?

In general, a chainsaw with a longer bar does have some advantages, but it also depends on the type of work you will be doing. Generally speaking, a longer bar provides more reach with an extended cutting area, thus increasing the efficiency of the cut.

It also can reduce the number of times you need to reposition the saw while cutting, so you save time and effort. Additionally, added reach can give you better control when making precision cuts.

However, a longer bar also adds more weight to the saw, making it harder to operate and can cause fatigue more quickly when used for long periods. Furthermore, if you’re not cutting with a full rip line, the additional chain length results in more teeth being used than necessary, which shortens chain life and requires more frequent sharpening or replacing the chain.

Ultimately, whether a longer bar is better depends on your individual needs. If you’re cutting larger logs, for instance, a longer bar will likely be beneficial. On the other hand, if you’re mostly cutting small branches, a shorter bar can do the job without the added weight and hassle.

Can you put different size bars on chainsaws?

Yes, you can put different size bars on chainsaws. The size of the bar is determined by the length of the chain that is being used. The size of the bar is also determined by the power or speed of the motor that is used with the saw.

The length of the bar should be longer for heavier and thicker wood, as this will give the saw more power to cut through the wood. Another determining factor for bar size is the size and shape of the cutting teeth on the chain.

Long bars are generally used for larger jobs, while smaller bars can be used for smaller tasks. Additionally, some saws allow you to use different gauge chains to give you the power and control needed for each job.

It’s important to match the correct combination of chain and bar when using a chainsaw in order to ensure your safety and the safest and most efficient job possible.


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