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How long will BTS be in the army?

BTS, also known as Bangtan Sonyeondan, is a K-pop group that has gained massive popularity over the years. As with all South Korean male citizens, the members of BTS are required to enlist in the military. The required military service period for South Korean men is 21 months.

The oldest member of BTS, Jin, is currently 28 years old and will be turning 29 in December 2021. According to the current laws in South Korea, he has until the age of 30 to enlist in the military. Therefore, it can be predicted that he will be enlisting soon, possibly in the near future.

However, in recent years, there have been discussions in South Korea about shortening the required military service period. According to some reports, the South Korean government is considering reducing the service period to 18 months, which could potentially affect the time that BTS members spend in the military.

Another factor to consider is the fact that BTS has contributed significantly to the promotion of South Korean culture and has helped to increase tourism and promote the country’s economy. They have also been appointed as cultural ambassadors by the Korean government, and there have been talks in the past about exempting them from military service.

It is difficult to predict how long BTS will be in the army, as it depends on various factors such as changes in military service laws and potential exemption for cultural ambassadors. However, it can be expected that they will serve the required military service period of 21 months, and the oldest member, Jin, may be enlisting soon.

Will BTS do their military service?

This applies to every young South Korean man, including well-known celebrities like BTS members.

BTS, being one of the most influential and sought-after boy bands worldwide, have immense popularity that continues to grow with each passing year. As a result, various speculations have been made about whether they will be exempted from mandatory military service. Nonetheless, any exemption decision would be made by South Korea’s government after considering various factors such as their contributions to the nation’s cultural and economy on a global scale, and their roles as tourism ambassadors.

The South Korean entertainment industry also plays a vital role in shaping the nation’s image and boosting the country’s economy. Even with exceptional talent and professionalism, famous celebrities, including BTS, don’t have the power to dictate the law or policy of the country. As citizens of South Korea, BTS members are aware of their legal responsibilities and have publically mentioned their willingness to perform their duty when their time comes.

Therefore, until further notice, we can assume that BTS will do their military service in the future like every other South Korean man. However, their management organization and the group members remain optimistic that the issue will be resolved in such a way that the members’ hiatus will be as short as possible, and the group’s momentum and success will continue post-military service.

It is essential to remember that military duty is a crucial and valued aspect of South Korean citizenship, and it is an obligation that everyone must fulfill with dignity and honor.

What will happen to BTS when Jin enlists?

BTS, also known as Bangtan Sonyeondan or Bulletproof Boy Scouts, is a South Korean boy band that has recently gained global popularity due to their meaningful lyrics, captivating performances, and striking personalities. BTS is comprised of seven members: Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook.

As a Korean law requires all men between the ages of 18 and 28 to serve in the military for approximately two years, Jin’s enlistment is inevitable. Therefore, many fans wonder what will happen to BTS when Jin enlists.

It is difficult to predict what the future holds for BTS without Jin, as he plays a significant role in the band’s success. Jin is the eldest member of BTS, and he is known for his powerful vocals, charming personality, and outstanding visuals. He has a unique sense of humor and is often seen as the group’s father figure, offering emotional support and guidance to his younger bandmates.

Jin is not only a crucial member of BTS but also a talented actor and model.

Based on past experiences, when K-pop idols enlist in the military, their respective groups typically go into a hiatus or take a break. As Jin enlists, it is highly likely that BTS will face a similar situation. However, the remaining six members of BTS have expressed their determination to continue making music and performing without Jin, especially because they are aware of how much BTS means to their fans worldwide.

BTS has made it clear that they plan to remain together even during Jin’s absence, and they have reassured their fans that this is not the end for BTS. The group has already faced challenging situations before and has always emerged stronger and more successful. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that Jin’s enlistment would be the end of BTS.

Furthermore, the band has been preparing for Jin’s enlistment. BTS has stated that they have been working on new music and that they have been focusing on individual projects that they can work on while Jin is serving in the military. This will ensure that BTS remains in the limelight and continues to deliver outstanding performances that their fans love and adore.

While Jin’s military enlistment may seem like a setback for BTS in the short run, the band is determined to continue creating music and performing for their fans. The group is highly resilient and has faced severe adversity in the past to become the global sensation they are today. With the rest of the members working on individual projects and new music, BTS will continue to entertain and inspire their fans worldwide.

Jin’s temporary departure from the group should never be interpreted as the end of BTS. Instead, it should demonstrate the group’s remarkable ability to adapt, grow and emerge even stronger, adhering to their message of pushing forward even when faced with adversity.

Will Jungkook go to military?

In the case of Jungkook, who is a member of the popular South Korean boy band BTS and a citizen of South Korea, it is possible that he may have to enlist in the future.

The South Korean government offers various exemptions to individuals who excel in certain fields, such as athletics or arts. It is currently uncertain whether Jungkook will meet the criteria for an exemption, but he has expressed his willingness to fulfill his military duty in previous interviews.

In a 2019 interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Jungkook stated, “As a Korean, it’s natural. And, someday, when duty calls, we’ll be ready to respond and do our best.” Many BTS fans, known as the ARMY, have also expressed their support for him and his fellow group members during their military service.

It is up to the South Korean government to decide if Jungkook will receive an exemption or if he will have to fulfill his military duty. Regardless of the outcome, Jungkook has shown a strong sense of patriotism and dedication to his country, which only adds to his already admirable qualities as an artist and performer.

What happens to K-pop idols in the military?

When a K-pop idol is enlisted in the military, they go through basic training like any other soldier of South Korea. During their training, they are taught discipline, perseverance, and teamwork as well as how to use military weapons, executing orders and survival skills. Following the conclusion of basic training, they are assigned their respective roles based upon their physical and academic abilities.

In the military, K-pop idols have to abide by the rules and regulations like all other soldiers, which includes a ban on having a mobile phone, absence of any special treatment, living in barracks with fellow soldiers, having limited vacations, long working hours and living a disciplined life. They also go through firearms training and attend lectures focused on the safety and defense of the country.

Many K-pop idols serve in their respective roles by entertaining fellow soldiers during their spare time. They often perform songs, dances, and skits, which not only boosts the morale of the soldiers but also creates a good image of the idol group among the citizens of South Korea.

Some idols also participate in public relation events where they represent the military, perform for government events, and visit schools to promote patriotism and encourage young students to also enlist in the military. These public relations efforts help in building a positive image of the military and bring attention to the important role it plays in national security.

In addition, the military service also serves as a break from the celebrity lifestyle, and idols can focus on their physical and mental health, get closer to their country, and connect with fellow soldiers.

Serving in the military is a mandatory requirement for all able-bodied men in South Korea, including K-pop idols. It helps to build a sense of identity and responsibility in the enlisted soldiers. While in the military, the idols serve their country and fellow soldiers, and gain valuable life lessons and experiences, which help them in their future careers as well.

Will all BTS members enlist together?

No, it is highly unlikely that all BTS members will enlist together. Every able-bodied male citizen of South Korea is required to complete approximately two years of military service between the ages of 18 and 28. As of 2021, all seven members of BTS are males and therefore are eligible for enlistment.

However, there are certain exemptions and deferrals that can be granted in certain circumstances. For example, BTS member Jin, who was born in 1992, is currently eligible for military enlistment. However, in September 2020, the South Korean parliament passed a law that allows pop culture artists like Jin to defer their enlistment until the age of 30.

This means that Jin can continue to perform with BTS until December 2021, when he turns 29.

Other BTS members may also be eligible for exemptions or deferrals, depending on their age and circumstances. For example, some athletes and musicians who have represented South Korea at major international events can be exempted from military service. However, these exemptions can be difficult to obtain, and it is unclear whether any BTS members would qualify.

In addition, it is possible that some BTS members may choose to enlist voluntarily before their eligibility age, as several South Korean celebrities have done in the past. This would allow them to fulfill their mandatory service earlier and potentially minimize the impact on BTS’s future activities.

It is unlikely that all BTS members will enlist at the same time, due to the different ages and circumstances of each member. However, the exact timing and duration of their military service remains uncertain, and will likely be determined by a combination of government regulations, individual decisions, and group strategy.

Which BTS members are enlisting?

As of now, all the members of BTS are currently exempt from military service due to a new law, which was passed in 2018 in South Korea. According to this new law, popular culture and sports figures who have made a significant contribution to spreading or enhancing the national prestige of South Korea can defer their mandatory military service until the age of 30.

BTS has contributed significantly to spreading the cultural influence of South Korea throughout the world, and thus all the members of BTS are currently exempt from military service.

Further, in previous interviews and statements, BTS members have expressed their willingness to serve their country and fulfill their mandatory military service when the time comes. The oldest member of BTS, Jin, who was born in 1992, will turn 30 in 2022, and he may have to enlist at that time if the law remains unchanged.

However, with the recent new law regarding cultural and sports figures, there may be a revision to the age limit for the military service and the members may not have to enlist at all.

As of now, none of the BTS members are enlisting, as they are all exempt from military service. However, Jin may have to enlist when he turns 30 in 2022, depending on the law at that time. BTS members have expressed their willingness to serve their country, but with the recent new law regarding cultural and sports figures, there may be revisions to the law that will exempt them all from military service.

Is it true BTS is leaving for the military?

This is a mandatory military service, and it applies to all Korean men regardless of their profession or social status.

Being a South Korean citizen, all members of the boy band BTS are also subject to this military enlistment requirement. However, it is important to note that there have been some changes in the military enlistment laws in recent years, which has made it easier for Korean men to delay their enlistment.

This change was introduced to help promote the country’s cultural and economic growth, which has been partially attributed to the popularity of K-pop and other Korean entertainment industries internationally.

BTS members have not yet expressed any official plans to enlist in the military, and their management company also has not announced any official statements with regards to the possibility of their enlistment. However, it is expected that they will eventually fulfill their mandatory military service, but the timing is still uncertain.

Some fans have expressed concern over the possible hiatus of the group as a whole during their enlistment period, while others suggest that it may be possible for the members to enlist gradually, to ensure that the group’s activities can continue even during their absence.

While it has not been confirmed whether BTS will be enlisting in the military, it is highly likely that they will have to fulfill the mandatory enlistment requirement in the future, as all Korean men are required to do so. As a result, some changes to their schedules and activities can be expected when the time comes, as it has been the case for other K-pop artists in the past.

Fans of BTS can continue to follow updates and official announcements from the group and their management, to stay up to date with any developments regarding their potential military enlistment.

Does Yoongi have to enlist?

Yes, Yoongi, also known as Suga, will have to enlist in the South Korean military at some point. All South Korean men between the ages of 18 and 28 are required to serve in the military for approximately two years, with a few exceptions for athletes, musicians, and others who have gained recognition for their contributions to society.

As of 2021, Yoongi is currently 28 years old, which means he will have to enlist soon if he hasn’t already. However, he may be able to postpone his enlistment temporarily if he applies for deferment or exemption based on certain criteria, including outstanding achievements in the arts or other fields, or diagnosed health issues.

It is important to note that military service is considered a duty and honor in South Korea. Many Korean entertainers have fulfilled their military duties in the past, including top stars such as Rain, Lee Seung-gi and Kim Hyun-joong. While fans and industry insiders may be concerned about the potential impact of military service on Yoongi’s career, it is generally accepted that serving in the military is a patriotic duty that should be taken seriously.

Fans of Yoongi can continue to support him and the rest of BTS during this time of transition. Although he may be away from the public eye for a while, he will return after his service is complete, and the group will continue to make music and inspire people around the world.

Do BTS have to fight in the military?

As of 2021, all able-bodied male citizens of South Korea between the ages of 18 to 28 are required to complete approximately 18 to 21 months of mandatory military service. This is enforced under the Military Service Act, which is aimed at ensuring the country’s national security.

Given that all the members of BTS are citizens of South Korea and fulfill the age criteria, they are indeed expected to fulfill their mandatory military service. However, in August 2020, the South Korean government revised the Military Service Act to allow K-pop stars to defer their military service until the age of 30.

This was seen as a move to support the booming entertainment industry in South Korea, which relies heavily on the popularity and success of K-pop artists like BTS.

According to the revised act, K-pop stars who have made a significant contribution to raising the country’s cultural profile internationally can apply for an exemption or deferment of up to two years. This is done on a case-by-case basis, and each application is reviewed and approved by the government.

BTS has since applied for and received an exemption from mandatory military service, and the members will be able to continue their activities without interruption.

It’s worth noting that some fans and commentators have criticized the system, arguing that it gives preferential treatment to famous individuals who can benefit the country economically, rather than treating all citizens equally. However, others argue that this is a necessary step to support the country’s entertainment industry, and that K-pop stars like BTS have brought immense cultural and economic benefits to South Korea.

debates surrounding mandatory military service and deferments for K-pop stars are likely to continue, but for now, BTS remains exempt from military service.

Does Jin have to do military service?

Yes, Jin, as a male citizen of South Korea, has to complete military service. In South Korea, military service is mandatory for all male citizens between the ages of 18 and 28. This requirement is based on the country’s national security laws, which stipulate that all able-bodied men must serve to defend the country.

However, in recent years, the South Korean government has implemented some changes to the military service system, which may benefit Jin. One of these changes is the Military Service Act, which allows individuals with outstanding talent in areas such as sports or the arts to delay their military service until the age of 30.

Jin, as a member of the globally popular K-Pop group BTS, may be eligible for this exemption.

Another option for Jin would be to serve in the military as a public service worker. This option allows individuals to serve their country in a non-combat role, such as working in a hospital, library, or government office. However, this option typically requires a longer service period than that of traditional military service.

While it is mandatory for Jin to complete military service, there are some exemptions and alternative service options that he may be eligible for. the decision on how and when to complete military service rests with the individual and their personal circumstances.

Are all 7 members of BTS enlisting?

As of now, it is inevitable that all the members of BTS will have to enlist in the military according to the mandatory Korean Military Service Act, which requires all able-bodied men between the ages of 18 and 28 to serve for approximately two years.

Currently, six of the seven members are age-appropriate for enlistment. Jin, the oldest member, was born in December 1992 and may have already enlisted by the time you read this.

However, in the past, the South Korean government has allowed certain individuals to postpone their enlistment for a variety of reasons including medical issues, academic pursuits or other exceptional circumstances.

It is yet to be seen if any of the BTS members will qualify for such exemptions or deferrals. Politics may also influence if and when BTS enlists, as the group has been designated as “Special Presidential Envoys for Future Generations and Culture” by the Korean government.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding when and how the BTS members will enlist, it is a given that military service is an important obligation and rite of passage for all Korean men, and BTS is no exception. The group has expressed their willingness to fulfill their duty with honor, and their fans have been supportive of them, understanding that this is a necessary part of their lives as South Koreans.

Is Jin in the military right now?

Several members of BTS have previously completed their mandatory military service, while others have not yet been required to serve. In South Korea, all able-bodied men aged between 18 and 28 are required to serve in the military for approximately two years as part of national defense. However, there are certain exceptions and alternative services available for certain individuals.

It is ultimately up to the individual and their agency to determine the time frame for their military service. It is important to note that there have been changes to the mandatory service laws in South Korea, which may affect the length and requirement for specific individuals. Therefore, it is recommended to research official sources or announcements for up-to-date information regarding Jin or any other BTS members and their military service status.

Which BTS member will go to military?

As a language model AI, I cannot predict the future and it is impossible to know exactly which member of BTS will enlist in the military first or when they will do so. However, according to the South Korean military service law, all able-bodied men between the ages of 18 and 28 are mandated to complete around 20 months of military service.

The oldest member of BTS, Jin, is currently 28 years old and is reaching the maximum age limit for military enlistment. Many fans speculate that Jin may be the first member to go to the military as he has also talked about his military service obligations in interviews. However, it is important to note that the order in which BTS members fulfill their service obligations is ultimately up to the Korean government and the military.

BTS’s management company, Big Hit Entertainment, has also released a statement acknowledging the group’s military duties and assuring fans that the members will fulfill their obligations as required. The statement also mentions the importance of BTS’s global impact and their contribution to the Korean economy, so it is possible that they may receive special exemptions or postponements.

It is a fact that all members of BTS will have to enlist in the military at some point in their lives. While fans may be saddened by their temporary hiatus, it is important to support and respect the members’ decisions and obligations as citizens of South Korea.

How long is Korean military service for idols?

In South Korea, all male citizens between the ages of 18 and 28 are required to serve in the military for approximately two years. This includes male idols who are also subject to the mandatory conscription. The length of Korean military service for idols is the same as any other male citizen, typically ranging between 18 to 21 months of active duty service.

However, there are certain exemptions and deferments that can be granted to idols under certain circumstances, such as if they are the sole breadwinner in their family or have exceptional skills in sports, arts, or science. In addition, the government has recently implemented a new law that allows some K-pop idols who have gained international recognition to defer their military service until the age of 30, as a means of promoting the country’s cultural exports.

Despite these exceptions, most male idols eventually have to fulfill their military duty, which often causes disruptions to their careers and fan base. Many agencies try to negotiate group or solo activities prior to enlistment, while others choose to launch new rookies or temporary groups to fill the void while their popular acts are away.

Korean military service for idols is a mandatory obligation in South Korea, and although it can cause challenges, it serves as an important means of unifying the country and maintaining national security.


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