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How long after Jesus died was the Bible written?

The New Testament of the Bible was written shortly after Jesus died, most likely in the decades following his death. Scholars generally agree that the majority of the New Testament books were written between 49-90 AD.

However, some details in the books of the New Testament were likely added at a later date, probably as late as 135 AD. These details would be primarily in the form of editorial updates, scriptural references, and clarifications.

In contrast, the Old Testament of the Bible is believed to have been written over a much longer period of time, from the mid-15th century BC to 4th century BC.

When was the Bible actually written?

The Bible is an ancient text and its historical origins are difficult to pinpoint. It is generally believed that the first parts of the Bible were written around 1450 BC, with the oldest known manuscript fragments dating to no later than the 8th century BC.

The Bible is actually a collection of manuscripts written by various authors throughout hundreds of years. Due to its time span and authors, the Bible is made up of multiple books, or texts, that were written over an extended period of time.

The Old Testament, which includes an estimated 900 to 1,000 pages of material, was written and compiled between 1,400 and 400 BC. The authors, whose names are in most cases unknown, are believed to be prophets, priests, scribes and scholars.

The books of the Old Testament were composed primarily in Hebrew, with some sections written in Aramaic.

The New Testament was written by apostles and other early followers of Jesus, who were mostly Greek-speaking Jews. It includes about 250 to 300 pages of material and was written between 50 and 100 AD, depending on the book.

It was also later edited and compiled into the Bible we have today.

In summary, the Bible was written over the course of a few hundred years beginning in 1450 BC, with the New Testament being completed around 100 AD. Its authors, whose names are mostly unknown, were prophets, priests, scribes, scholars, and followers of Jesus.

Who wrote the original Bible and when?

The original Bible was mostly written between approximately 900 BC and 100 AD by an unknown number of authors, many of which remain unidentified. The majority of it is believed to have been written in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Koine Greek.

It is an anthology of works written by a variety of authors over a substantial period of time.

The Old Testament of the Bible was written between 1000 BC and 400 BC. Although it is believed that Moses wrote many books, including the first five books of the Bible (also known as the torah or the pentateuch, and considered by many to be the most influential part of the Bible), other books in the Old Testament are credited to authors such as Joshua, Samuel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Daniel.

The New Testament of the Bible was written between 45 AD and 100 AD. It includes the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, which are attributed to various authors. The rest of the New Testament, including the epistles of Paul and works of the early Church Fathers, are credited to a variety of authors, some of which remain unknown.

Ultimately, due to the lengthy and varied history of authorship associated with the Bible, the exact authors and dates of composition remain uncertain and the precise authorship of many books in the Bible remains unknown.

How old is the Bible and when was it written?

The Bible is an ancient collection of texts that has been around for centuries. Its exact origin is unknown, with some scholars tracing its origins back as far as 5 BCE. While the core of the Bible was written over the course of a thousand years, much of it is based on texts that are much older.

Most of the texts that make up the Bible’s Old Testament were written before the time of Christ, while a significant portion of the New Testament was written shortly after his death. The earliest known copies of the Bible date back to around 300 CE, but many of the texts are believed to have been written centuries before that.

While the Bible’s origins remain shrouded in mystery, it is clear that this ancient collection of texts has been the world’s main source of spiritual teachings for centuries.

What language did Jesus speak?

The answer to this question is a matter of debate among scholars. Most scholars agree that the language Jesus spoke in his day would have been Aramaic, a Semitic language spoken in the area of Israel at the time of his life.

It is generally thought that he would have also been familiar with Koine Greek, which was the common language of the area at the time.

Aramaic is associated with several parts of the New Testament, most notably Jesus’ prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane, which is given in Aramaic in the Gospel of Matthew and Mark. Other Aramaic phrases are used to indicate Jesus’ ministry, such as the phrase “Abba” which is used to refer to God as father.

The exact language Jesus used is perhaps forever lost to us, but it is likely that he would have spoken both Aramaic and Greek in his everyday interactions.

What part of the Bible was written after Jesus death?

The New Testament of the Bible is made up of the books that were written after Jesus’ death. This includes Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, which are known as the Gospels; the Acts of the Apostles, which tell the story of what happened after Jesus’ ascension; and various letters and prophecies written by early church leaders.

The letters were written as instruction for churches and provide insight into what the early church looked like and how it functioned. They also offer advice for Christian living, as well as teachings from Paul and other apostles.

The New Testament writers provide a deeper understanding of Jesus, who He is, and how He changed the world. Ultimately, the New Testament is the record of God’s plan of salvation through Jesus Christ, and His promise of eternal life.

When were the Gospels written after Jesus?

The Gospels, or Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, were written within the first century, likely between 55 and 75 A. D. While the exact dates are debated, the four Gospels likely were written within 50-75 years after Jesus’ lifetime and ministry.

Matthew and John’s Gospels were likely written first. Matthew is generally believed to have been written between 70-90 A. D. , while John is believed to have been written somewhere between 70-100 A. D.

Mark’s Gospel is thought to have been written between 55-65 A. D. , followed by Luke’s writing between 65-70 A. D.

The Gospels’ authors all were likely involved in the Christian movement in some capacity, either as disciples who personally watched Jesus’ ministry, or as close associates of the disciples. Matthew was a tax collector and Apostle, Mark was a disciple of Peter and very close to the early apostles, Luke was a close associate of the apostles, and John was an Apostle, one of the first disciples to follow Jesus.

The context and writing of the Gospels contain various evidence that points to the first century. For example, Luke alludes to the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem in the 70s A. D. , providing a clue to the gospel’s content.

Additionally, the language and style of the Gospels hint at a time period, with language and grammar consistent with a Jewish-Palestine audience.

Given the available linguistic, historical, and archaeological evidence, the four Gospels are believed to have been written between 55-75 A.D., 50-75 years after Jesus’ lifetime.

How many years after the Old Testament was the New Testament written?

The New Testament was written approximately 45 to 90 years after the completion of the Old Testament. It most likely began to be written in the mid-40s AD. The timeline of the books of the bible can be broken down into two main blocks: before the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple in 70AD, and after the destruction.

This can be seen in some of the books of the New Testament, such as the Gospel of Luke and the book of Acts, which were written before the destruction of Jerusalem, while others like Revelation were written decades later.

It is important to note that the New Testament was written over a period of time, with some of its earliest books likely written in the 40s and 50s AD, while the latest book is usually thought to have been written in the 90s AD.

How long ago was Jesus on earth?

Jesus was on earth approximately 2000 years ago, during the time sometimes referred to as the Common Era or the Current Era (CE). According to the Bible, Jesus was born in Bethlehem around 7-2 BC and died in Jerusalem around 30-33 AD.

This span of approximately 33 years makes up his life on Earth, though his legacy and influence spans far beyond this time window.

How old is the oldest version of the Old Testament?

The oldest extant complete version of the Old Testament is in the Codex Leningradensis, which was copied in1008 A. D. In the Western world, it is generally accepted that the oldest version of the Old Testament is the Septuagint, which was first translated by Jewish scholars between 285 and 246 B.

C. This translation was used by the early Church for centuries, though it is known that portions of the Old Testament existed in an older form even before that time. For example, fragments of the Hebrew Bible have been dated to the 9th century B.

C. Therefore, the oldest version of the Old Testament could potentially be thousands of years old.


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