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How do you price things in Moonlighter?

Pricing items in Moonlighter is an important part of being a successful merchant. When pricing items, it is important to consider the cost of the item, demand, and competition. To start, determine the cost of the item you are selling by assessing the cost of the ingredients needed to craft it.

Next, look at the demand for the item in your shop by examining the demand bars in the items’ individual shop window. The color of the bar indicates the demand for that item, with red being the most in-demand items.

Finally, examine the competition in the area to see what the market rate is for similar items. Taking all of this into account, you can then set a price that is both fair and profitable. Keep in mind that prices are subject to change as the market changes, and when dealing with gauntlets or valuable goods, certain haggling techniques can also be employed.

What can I sell in Moonlighter and not sell?

Moonlighter is an action-adventure game that allows players to explore dungeons, combat enemies, and run a shop. In the game, players can sell a variety of items they find while exploring dungeons. Specifically, weapons and armor acquired by defeating monsters in dungeons can be sold in the shop.

Additionally, dungeon-specific items such as relics, art objects, potions, and minerals can all be sold in the shop.

Players cannot sell all the items they find while exploring dungeons, however. Some items, such as coins and gems, boss drops, and certain quest items, cannot be sold in the shop. Additionally, players are not able to sell food, potions, and other consumables found in dungeons.

These items must be used for their prescribed purposes, such as healing and providing buffs.

With the ability to sell specific items found in dungeons, players are able to turn a profit by running their shop in Moonlighter.

What should you sell in Moonlighter?

The items you choose to sell in Moonlighter will depend on both the current demand of the town and your personal preferences. Generally, if you keep a healthy stock of items on hand, you’ll do fairly well.

This can include common potions and scrolls as well as items acquired through your adventures. Additionally, there are some unique items that can be found by exploring the world, such as the Magic Lamp or Rainbow Fur, which can be sold for a hefty sum.

As Moonlighter gets more difficult, the more valuable items become more common, and can help you make more money in the long run. Furthermore, you can also buy and sell various items from other merchants to make more gold.

As you upgrade your shop more expensive and valuable items will also become available for you to purchase and sell. Experimenting with different items and doing research into what is currently in demand can help you to make the most of your shop and maximize profits.

Does time matter in Moonlighter?

Yes, time in Moonlighter does matter. During the day, players are tasked with running their shop and selling items to customers like any other business, but when night falls the player is able to leave the shop and delve into dangerous dungeons filled with monsters, puzzles and treasure.

The number of hours in a day is limited and managing time efficiently is key to success. Players will have to carefully choose which resources to use and when, since carrying too heavy items at a dungeon will make the character slower and less capable of fighting the monsters.

Additionally, the day amount passes faster at night, so the player must plan ahead to make the most out of their time while exploring the dungeons.

What should I sell and not sell in Zelda?

The items you should sell in The Legend of Zelda depend on the version you’re playing and the items you have available. Generally, you’ll want to sell any items you don’t need or use in order to free up inventory space and make room for better items.

Items you always want to sell include coins, rupees, common enemies’ drops (such as flowers and beetles), and basic weapons (like small boomerangs, slingshots, and wooden swords). These items can be bought back later if you need them.

Items you generally don’t want to sell include weapons with higher attack scores, keys, heart containers, magic spells, and any item that could eventually be upgraded (like pieces of the triforce). It may be tempting to sell these items at the time but they could provide you more power in the long run.

Certain skippable items may also be worth hanging onto, like silver arrow upgrades, bottles, and cuccos. If you ever find yourself in a tight spot, these items could come in handy.

Finally, items with special powers should always be kept, as most have no resale value. For example, the Mask of Truth from Majora’s Mask and the Magic Hammer from A Link to the Past are both items that cannot be sold, so it’s best to hold onto them.

What is the strongest weapon in Moonlighter?

The strongest weapon in Moonlighter is the Thunder Edge, which is a Legendary Sword. It has a base Attack Power of 300 and a Special Attack Bonus of +300. It’s a powerful weapon that will help adventurers take down their toughest enemies.

The Thunder Edge’s Special Attack requires Stamina to use and deals extra damage. It has an additional Attack Power of 300 when used with a matching Amulet, so equipping the matching Amulet is recommended when using this weapon.

The Thunder Edge also glows when it’s equipped and can be upgraded to level three, further increasing its attack power. It’s an incredibly powerful weapon and will definitely give adventurers an edge when taking on the toughest of enemies.

Did Netflix buy Moonlighter?

No, Netflix did not buy Moonlighter. Moonlighter is a video game developed by Digital Sun, a video game studio from Madrid, Spain. In 2018, Digital Sun released Moonlighter for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Since its release, the game has been met with critical acclaim, winning multiple awards and being nominated for even more. Despite the success of the game, Netflix has not yet purchased the rights to Moonlighter.

It’s unclear if they ever will, but as of today, the studio still owns the rights to the game.

Is the banker worth it in Moonlighter?

Yes, the banker in Moonlighter is definitely worth it. The banker allows you to store items that you don’t need immediately, and you can access them any time from the banker. The banker also keeps your money safe, allowing you to have a steady source of income.

With the money safe in the bank, you can invest your hard-earned gold in various upgrades for both your shop and your character, giving you the tools you need to make more profitable runs in the dungeons.

Ultimately, the banker gives you the flexibility to focus on what’s important: upgrading your gear and improving your skills to tackle tougher dungeons and make more profits.

Is Moonlighter a Permadeath?

No, Moonlighter is not a permadeath game. It is an action RPG that focuses on resource management and dungeon crawling. In the game, the player takes on the role of a shopkeeper whose goal is to become a powerful hero.

The player must balance their time between managing their shop, gathering resources, and venturing into mysterious dungeons in search of powerful loot. Although death poses a risk in the dungeons, it doesn’t lead to an abrupt end of play.

Upon death, the player will respawn in their shop, retaining all the items they obtained from their journey and any money they earned in their shop.