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How do Brits say handsome?

In Britain, people might use the word “handsome” to describe someone who looks attractive and appealing – usually referring to a male. The word can be used in various contexts, such as when someone is describing a person they find attractive, when people are speaking positively about someone they know, or when admiring a complete stranger.

They include: dashing, debonair, smashing, rakish, and spruce.

In some contexts, someone might also use the term “fit” which generally means the same thing as handsome, but this is more commonly used when describing young people who look attractive.

What is English slang for looking good?

In English slang, someone who looks good can be said to be “on fleek”. This expression can be used to describe someone who is looking their best and is usually seen as a compliment. Additionally, someone may be referred to as being “dressed to kill” or having “slayed” their look if they appear particularly fashionable or stylish.

How do you say attractive in British slang?

In British slang, the word “attractive” can be described as “fit”, “tasty”, “hot”, “cracking”, “bangin'”, “totty”, or “smokin’ hot”.

What can I say instead of looking good?

Alternatively, you can say that someone looks great, stunning, beautiful, attractive, gorgeous, lovely, handsome, stylish, fashionable, or charismatic.

How do you say someone looks cool?

One way is to say they look ‘stylish’ or ‘trendy’. You could also say that they look ‘sharp’ or ‘dapper’. If they are wearing something particularly impressive, you can say they look ‘awesome’ or ‘amazing’.

You can also provide a more specific compliment, such as saying their outfit is ‘on point’ or that they have great ‘swagger’. Ultimately, it depends on the situation and the person you are speaking to and the level of familiarity you have with them.

What do you call an extremely attractive woman?

An extremely attractive woman can be referred to with several different terms, depending on the context. Beautiful and gorgeous are the most popular words used to recognize the physical attractiveness of a woman.

Other words used include stunning, stunningly gorgeous, stunningly beautiful, stunningly attractive, drop-dead gorgeous, drop-dead beautiful, drop-dead attractive, breathtakingly gorgeous, breathtakingly beautiful, breathtakingly attractive, and ravishingly gorgeous, ravishingly beautiful, or ravishingly attractive.

Additionally, if someone is particularly full of charm, they can be described as charming, charismatic, beguiling or enchanting.

What is the slang word for gorgeous?

The slang word for “gorgeous” is “smokin'”. It is used to describe someone or something that is extremely attractive. For example, you could say, “That dress she’s wearing is smokin’!”

What is London slang for attractive?

London slang for attractive is usually described using the term “fit”, which generally refers to someone who is physically attractive. It’s somewhat similar to the term “hot”. Londoners can also use the term “mazza” when referring to someone who looks good, as well as “gass”, which also conveys the idea of attractiveness.

Additionally, Londoners may simply refer to someone as being “well fit,” which means they look great.

How do you compliment a British girl?

Complimenting a British girl is no different than complimenting any other girl. A thoughtful compliment can make someone feel special and appreciated. Depending on the context, and your relationship with the girl, there are a variety of compliments you could give.

Some compliments to consider for a British girl could include telling her that she is kind, intelligent, strong, brave, and/or beautiful. You could also compliment her style, sense of humour, or her hospitality.

Compliments should be genuine, so think of something meaningful that reflects the qualities you admire in her. Additionally, remember to give her the space to accept the compliment in the way she likes.

Lastly, a simple ‘thank you’ after she has accepted your compliment can leave a lasting impression.

What is slang for handsome British?

Slang for handsome British people can depend on the particular type of slang used. Examples of slang terms include: “Ginger,” “Mate,” “Gosling,” “Toff,” “Tally ho!,” “Right lad,” “Right chappy,” “Smashing,” “Lush,” and “Cracking.

” These expressions can be used to refer to someone who is considered to be good-looking or attractive in a British-minded way.

What do you call a British man?

A British man is typically referred to as a ‘Brit’, although sometimes the word ‘Briton’ is also used. This is short for ‘British Citizen’. If the person has a specific nationality, for instance if they are Scottish, Welsh or Irish, this can also be used to refer to them, e.

g. ‘Scot’ or ‘Irishman’.

How do you tell a guy he’s attractive?

If you want to tell a guy that he’s attractive, the best way to go about it is to be honest but tactful. Compliment his features that stand out to you—for example, try something like “Your eyes are so captivating” or “That hairstyle really suits you.

” You could also make an observation about how you feel when you’re around him, such as “I feel extra confident when I’m around you” or “I always feel safe when we’re together. ” This can help your crush understand that you think he is attractive in both an inner and outer sense.

Additionally, make sure to maintain eye contact and deliver your compliments with a smile. That way, he’ll feel more comfortable and secure, and he’ll know that you’re being genuine.

How to describe a hot guy?

A hot guy is someone who is physically attractive but also has a certain aura or charisma that draws people in. Physically, a hot guy typically has broad shoulders and a toned physique, with a great sense of style.

He usually has a strong jawline and a square face, along with a confident, yet approachable and friendly disposition. Personality wise, a hot guy is usually witty and charismatic, with a good sense of humor and an easygoing attitude.

He may be an intelligent conversationalist with a strong knowledge of various topics, as well as an understanding of current world events and popular culture. Moreover, he has a generous and kind heart and is willing to help those around him.

A hot guy is an overall amazing, head-turning package with an infectious personality and a charming demeanor.

Can you call a man gorgeous?

Yes, you can call a man “gorgeous. ” This term has become increasingly popular to describe attractive people of all genders, not just women. A man can be referred to as gorgeous if he is considered to be attractive or beautiful in appearance.

The term is often used to describe someone who appears incredibly well-groomed, has an intriguing personality, and displays a high degree of self-confidence.

What compliments do guys like?

Every guy is different and will appreciate different compliments, but generally speaking, guys appreciate compliments that make them feel masculine and respected. Compliments about their physical attributes such as, “Your arms look so strong” or compliments about their personality such as, “You’re so smart” can make them feel good about themselves.

Compliments about their accomplishments, such as, “You did a great job on that presentation” can also be appreciated. Guys also like compliments on their sense of style, so, “You look really great in that suit” can go a long way.

Ultimately, the best way to make someone feel special is to give them a sincere compliment that acknowledges all the great things about them.


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