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Does Nine take Deku’s quirk?

In this movie, Nine was introduced as a villain who had a powerful quirk which could steal other quirks.

However, there is no evidence to suggest that Nine takes Deku’s quirk in the movie, as Deku’s quirk, One for All, is a unique quirk that cannot be stolen in the same way as ordinary quirks. One for All is a quirk that is passed down from person to person, allowing the users to inherit the strength and power of the previous users.

During the movie, Nine was shown to be interested in stealing quirks from other people, and he was successful in stealing several quirks from other characters, but he never attempted to steal Deku’s quirk. Instead, he focused on obtaining the quirks of the other heroes in the film as he believed that their abilities would make him unbeatable.

Overall, there is no evidence to suggest that Nine takes Deku’s quirk in the “My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising” movie. However, since “My Hero Academia” is a long-running series with many arcs and chapters, it is possible that this may happen in the future. Until then, it remains speculation.

What quirk does nine steal?

Nine has the power to store multiple quirks within his body and utilize them at will. He can steal quirks by simply touching his target, and he can also transfer them to someone else if he wishes to do so.

In the movie “My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising,” Nine steals the quirks of several heroes who are trying to stop him from accomplishing his goal. He takes the quirks of Izuku Midoriya (Deku), Katsuki Bakugo, Shoto Todoroki, and several other heroes, making him incredibly powerful and nearly unstoppable.

Nine’s ultimate goal is to obtain the ultimate quirk, which he believes will make him invincible.

In the end, the heroes are able to work together and defeat Nine, reclaiming their stolen quirks and restoring peace to their world. The theme of the story emphasizes the importance of teamwork, perseverance, and the need to stand up against evil even in the face of overwhelming odds.

Nine is a dangerous villain who can steal quirks from others, making him incredibly powerful. While his actions are certainly unethical, they serve as a backdrop for an exciting and engaging story that emphasizes the importance of unity and perseverance in the face of adversity.

Can nine steal one for all?

No, nine cannot steal one for all. Stealing is an illegal activity regardless of the number of people involved. If one person takes something belonging to someone else without their authorization and consent, that is considered stealing.

Additionally, “one for all” is not a tangible item, which means that it cannot be taken in the same way that a physical item like a car or a piece of jewelry could. Ultimately, it is not possible for nine individuals to steal one for all.

Whose Quirk did All For One steal?

All For One is a prominent villain in the anime series, My Hero Academia, who possesses the ability to steal and store other people’s Quirks. Quirks, also known as superpowers, are special abilities that are unique to each person in the anime series. Since All For One is a powerful villain, he has been shown to possess several Quirks, but one of the most notable ones that he stole from someone else was the Quirk known as “Warp Gate.”

The “Warp Gate” Quirk belonged to a man named Thirteen, who was a pro hero and a teacher at the U.A High School. Thirteen’s Quirk allowed him to create a powerful vacuum that could suck anything into a black hole, including people and objects. Furthermore, Thirteen’s Quirk granted him the ability to create portals that he could use to transport himself or others instantly to any location he desired.

With this ability, Thirteen was an exceptional hero who could instantly rescue people from dangerous situations or whisk himself out of harm’s way.

However, during a confrontation with All For One, Thirteen’s Quirk was stolen, leaving the hero unable to use his ability. Since then, Thirteen has not been seen using any Quirk, and it has been assumed that he has retired from hero work due to his inability to use his Quirk.

All For One stole the Quirk known as “Warp Gate,” which belonged to Thirteen, a pro hero and teacher at the U.A High School. Thirteen’s Quirk was a powerful ability that allowed him to create black holes and portals to transport himself and others anywhere he desired. Unfortunately, Thirteen’s Quirk was stolen by All For One, permanently disabling his ability to use it.

Who are the 9 holders of one for all?

The 9 holders of One for All are a crucial part of the My Hero Academia series. Quirks or superpowers are an integral part of the world in which the anime takes place, and One for All is a unique quirk that separates itself from the rest of them. One for All is an ancient quirk passed down from one chosen individual to another, and it is a combination of several powerful quirks that amplifies the strength of its user.

The first person to inherit One for All is unnamed, but he passed the quirk on to his younger brother, who became the second holder. The second holder passed the quirk on to the next individual, and this continued until we reach the current holder, Izuku Midoriya, who is the ninth holder of One for All.

Each of the nine holders of One for All has left an imprint in the story of My Hero Academia. The second holder, for instance, gave his life to pass the quirk on to another, and the fifth holder had an incredibly strong will that helped him master the power of One for All. We also learn that the sixth holder used One for All to become a vigilante who fought crime in the shadows.

The final and current holder of One for All, Izuku Midoriya, is the protagonist of the series, and he has a unique relationship with the quirk. Unlike the other holders who inherited One for All, Izuku was chosen by the previous holder, All Might, who saw potential in him. Throughout the series, Izuku learns how to control and master the power of One for All, and he vows to become the number one hero in the world.

The nine holders of One for All play a significant role in the story of My Hero Academia. From the bravery of the second holder to the resilience of the fifth holder, each holder leaves a unique imprint on the series. The current holder, Izuku Midoriya, has a unique relationship with the quirk that sets him apart, and his journey to control and master its power remains one of the most captivating storylines in the anime.

What are all of nines quirks?

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Overall, these quirks and features make me a unique and useful tool for those who seek assistance with language processing and communication.

Is one for all able to be stolen?

No, one for all cannot be stolen. It is a pack of cards used to play the game of Go Fish. The cards are made in a specific size and shape, allowing them to be easily shuffled. Each card has an individual number and each number is used for the playing pieces.

The cards are also tear-proof and laminated, making it difficult to steal or duplicate. In addition, the individual cards are not designed to be easily removed from the pack, so it would be difficult to take just one card from the pack.

Is Shigaraki able to steal one for all?

Shigaraki, also known as Tomura Shigaraki, is a fictional character in the anime/manga series My Hero Academia. He is a villain who leads the League of Villains and possesses the Quirk “Decay,” which allows him to disintegrate inanimate objects or living things he touches.

On the other hand, One For All is a powerful Quirk that can be passed on from one individual to another. It was originally owned by All For One, Shigaraki’s mentor, who tried to steal it from his younger brother, the previous holder of One For All. However, All Might, the current holder of One For All, defeated All For One and passed on his Quirk to Izuku Midoriya, the main protagonist of the series.

To answer your question, there is no clear indication in the series whether Shigaraki could steal One For All. Theoretically, it’s possible that Shigaraki’s Decay Quirk could disintegrate All Might’s body before he could pass on One For All to his successor. However, it’s important to note that One For All has a unique and complex nature, and it can’t be taken by force or stolen easily.

In the series, it’s implied that One For All can only be transferred willingly from one person to another. Additionally, even if Shigaraki were to access All Might’s body and somehow prevent him from passing on One For All, it’s unlikely that he could use it effectively due to its nature. One For All is a cumulative Quirk that stores the strength of its previous users, meaning that the more it’s used, the stronger it becomes.

It’s unlikely that Shigaraki could handle One For All’s immense power, let alone control it.

Therefore, while it’s technically possible for Shigaraki to steal One For All, it’s highly improbable due to the unique nature of the Quirk and the difficulty of acquiring it.

Is Nine stronger than Shigaraki?

Therefore, I cannot give you any subjective answer based on my personal belief or experience. However, based on the available information and the analysis of their abilities and strengths, it can be said that the comparison between Nine and Shigaraki is a bit tricky.

Nine and Shigaraki are two powerful villains in the popular manga and anime series My Hero Academia. Nine is a character exclusive to the movie, “My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising,” and he is a quirk user who can steal and use up to nine quirks at once. His powers include regenerative abilities, telekinesis, and energy manipulation.

On the other hand, Tomura Shigaraki is the main antagonist of the manga and anime series. He possesses the quirk “Decay,” which allows him to disintegrate anything he touches with all fingers on his right hand.

In terms of raw power and versatility, Nine has the upper hand since he can use nine quirks simultaneously. He can blend different quirks to create devastating attacks or combine them for a balanced approach. Furthermore, he has exceptional regenerative abilities, making him difficult to injure or kill.

In contrast, Shigaraki only has one quirk, but it is a powerful one that can destroy anything. His quirk also has significant range, making him a formidable opponent from a distance.

However, it’s worth noting that Nine has a significant weakness. He can only hold nine quirks for a limited time, and if he doesn’t use them all, they will disappear after a specific duration. Moreover, using multiple quirks simultaneously drains his stamina and puts a considerable strain on his body.

In comparison, Shigaraki’s quirk has no such drawbacks, and he can use it as long as he wants.

Therefore, when it comes to a one-on-one fight, the battle outcome can depend on various factors such as the environment, their respective physical and mental states, and their strategy. But, based on their abilities, Nine could overpower Shigaraki initially, but if the fight extends for an extended period, Shigaraki could take advantage of Nine’s weakness and ultimately defeat him.

Both Nine and Shigaraki are powerful villains in their own right, with their unique abilities and strengths. It’s difficult to determine who would come out victorious in a fight as such it is highly dependent on the situation. One thing is sure that these two villains are equally worthy adversaries against any hero.

Does All For One steal Bakugo’s quirk?

In season 3, episode 10, All For One confronts All Might, and during their conversation, he mentions Bakugo’s potential for being a great hero. From this interaction, it appears that All For One is interested in Bakugo’s quirk and his potential for destruction rather than actually stealing it. Furthermore, Bakugo’s quirk, known as “Explosion,” is a genetic quirk that is unique to him, and it is not transferable or replicable.

Additionally, in season 5, episode 5, the concept of quirk singularity is introduced. It suggests that as individuals become more powerful, their quirk will continue to evolve and become stronger. Bakugo’s quirk has already evolved to the point where he can control the intensity and direction of his explosions with precision, indicating that he has a strong bond with his quirk.

Therefore, All For One is unlikely to have the ability to steal Bakugo’s quirk, given his unique genetic makeup and bond with his quirk.

Overall, while All For One’s interest in Bakugo’s potential is evident, it is unlikely that he has stolen or will be able to steal Bakugo’s quirk. However, as the series progresses, twists may occur, and anything is possible, leaving viewers and readers always guessing.

What is nines original quirk?

Nine’s original quirk is called “Hardening”. This quirk allows him to harden any part of his body, giving him increased defense from external physical attacks. He typically uses this on his arms and legs to defend himself in combat.

He can also concentrate it on a single area of his body to increase its density, allowing him to use it as a weapon or shield. Nine’s Hardening quirk does not protect him from energy attacks however, as these are unaffected by his quirk.

Additionally, Nine’s Hardening quirk has a limit as to how much he can harden his body at one time, so he needs to be careful how he uses it.

Was DEKU’s original quirk stolen?

In the anime and manga series, “My Hero Academia”, a common theory among fans is that the protagonist, Izuku Midoriya, also known as “Deku”, had his original quirk stolen. However, there is no concrete evidence to support this claim.

To understand this theory, we must first dive into the backstory of Deku’s quirk. In the world of “My Hero Academia”, almost everyone is born with a unique superhuman ability, known as a “quirk”. However, there are exceptions, and Deku was one of them. When he was born, he did not exhibit any signs of having a quirk, and his parents were ordinary people without any special abilities.

Despite this, Deku dreamed of becoming a hero since he was a child, inspired by his idol, All Might. After demonstrating immense courage and determination, All Might recognised Deku’s potential and passed on his quirk, “One For All”, to him. With the help of All Might, Deku trains to harness and control his new quirk, and eventually becomes a formidable hero in his own right.

Now, back to the theory of Deku’s original quirk being stolen. Some fans speculate that Deku did, in fact, have a quirk when he was born, but it was taken away from him by a yet-to-be-revealed villain or organisation. This may be why he was initially quirkless and why his mother, Inko Midoriya, was shocked when she found out he had a quirk.

However, there is no concrete evidence to support this theory. Throughout the series, there has been no mention of Deku having a quirk before he received “One For All”. Additionally, the concept of stealing a quirk has only been introduced through the character of Tomura Shigaraki, who has the ability to disintegrate anything he touches, including quirks.

But he has not shown any indication that he stole anyone’s quirk before, let alone Deku’s.

Furthermore, the narrative of the series revolves around the idea that anyone can be a hero, regardless of whether they have a quirk or not. Deku’s journey from being quirkless to becoming a hero through sheer hard work and determination is a central theme of the story. Introducing a plot device such as a stolen quirk would undermine this message and make it seem as though having a quirk is necessary to be a hero.

While the theory that Deku’s original quirk was stolen is a popular one among fans, there is no concrete proof to support it. As the story progresses, it is possible that new information may come to light that could confirm or deny the theory. Until then, it remains just that – a theory.

What was Deku’s OG quirk?

In the world of My Hero Academia, the term “OG” or “original” quirk refers to a character’s first or initial quirk, which they had from birth, before any additions or modifications. However, in the case of the main protagonist, Izuku Midoriya, commonly known as Deku, he did not have an OG quirk.

Deku is a rare exception in the My Hero Academia universe as he was born without a quirk, which made him an outcast in a society where quirks were the norm. Despite not having a quirk, Deku had a strong desire to become a hero, which he shared with his idol, All Might.

It wasn’t until Deku met All Might that his fate changed. All Might saw the greatness in Deku and chose him to inherit his quirk, “One for All.” This quirk, unlike any other, has the ability to pass on the power of the predecessor to the successor, making it both powerful and responsible for the fate of the world.

Deku’s journey, from being quirkless to inheriting the strongest quirk in the world, is what makes him an exceptional protagonist. He proves that owning superpowers doesn’t determine one’s worth as a hero but rather, it’s their desire, courage, and willingness to do what’s right that makes them one.

Hence, it can be concluded that while Deku may not have an OG quirk, he possesses something much more valuable and remarkable – the heart of a true hero.

What is a rare quirk in MHA?

My Hero Academia (MHA) is a Japanese superhero manga series written and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi. The series features a unique and diverse cast of characters with various quirks, or special abilities. While each character has their own distinctive power, there are some that are considered rare within the MHA universe.

One rare quirk in MHA is called “Rewind.” This quirk is possessed by Eri, a young girl who has the ability to rewind a person’s body and quirk to a previous state. The quirk allows Eri to heal any injury, no matter how severe, by reversing the effects from a certain point in time. However, as powerful as the Rewind quirk may be, it is also incredibly unstable and can lead to disastrous consequences if not used correctly.

This quirk, therefore, is both extremely rare and dangerous.

Another rare quirk in MHA is “Erasure.” The Erasure quirk belongs to Shota Aizawa, a teacher at U.A. High School, who has the ability to cancel out a person’s quirk by looking at them directly. This quirk is especially rare because it is not an offensive quirk, like most of the abilities seen in the series.

Instead, it is a defensive quirk that allows Aizawa to nullify his opponent’s power, making it a valuable tool in battles.

Additionally, the “Permeation” quirk is rare as well. This quirk is possessed by Mirio Togata, a student at U.A. High School. Permeation is the ability to become intangible and move through solid objects, similar to a ghost. It is also one of the rarest quirk types in the MHA universe, as only one person can possess it at a time.

Mha features a wide range of interesting and unique quirks, but some are considered rare due to their power, rarity, or special abilities. Among those rare quirks are Rewind, Erasure, and Permeation, which are highly prized in the universe of MHA. The presence of these rare quirks only adds to the complexity of this fantastic series and makes it even more exciting to follow.

Who is the UA traitor?

Numerous theories and suspicions have been circulating among fans regarding the identity of the UA traitor. Some believe that it could be a student or a member of the faculty, while some think it could be someone entirely unexpected, like a hero who is closely affiliated with UA.

The concept of a traitor has added a layer of suspense and intrigue to the series, and it has become a point of interest for fans to analyze clues and predictions in the series. With the ongoing development and plot twists in “My Hero Academia,” one can only wait and see who the UA traitor ultimately turns out to be.


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