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Do Cowboys have a chance for playoffs?

Yes, the Cowboys have a chance for the playoffs this season. With a 6-7 record and only three weeks left in the regular season, the Cowboys will need to win all three of their final games in order to advance to the postseason.

The Cowboys will have to face the Philadelphia Eagles, Los Angeles Rams, and Washington Redskins in their remaining games, which will prove to be a tough task. While the odds don’t appear to be in their favor, the Cowboys have been known to exceed expectations in the past few seasons, so there is still hope for the team to make it to the playoffs.

If the team is able to win all three of their final games, they will secure the NFC East title and will be guaranteed a spot in the playoffs.

What do the Cowboys need to make playoffs?

The Dallas Cowboys need to win several games in order to make the playoffs this season. The NFC East is extremely competitive and the Cowboys must find a way to emerge from the pack. They need to focus on improving their offense, which will likely mean better execution from Dak Prescott, improved protection from the offensive line, and more weapons in the aerial attack.

On defense, the Cowboys must be able to create more pressure on opposing quarterbacks and contain the run game. On special teams, the Cowboys must find a way to gain more yards in the return game and prevent big plays in the kick/punt coverage game.

Lastly, the Cowboys must limit their turnovers and penalties while also being on the right side of close games. Doing all of these things should give the Cowboys the best chance to make the playoffs this season.

Are Dallas Cowboys in playoffs?

No, the Dallas Cowboys did not make it to the playoffs in 2020. This season marked the sixth time since 1990 that the Cowboys have missed the playoffs. The Cowboys ended the regular season with a 6-10 record, third in the NFC East behind the Washington Football Team (7-9) and Philadelphia Eagles (9-7).

Despite their struggles this season, the Cowboys still have one of the most passionate fanbases in the NFL. Fans will be hopeful for a much better 2021 season.

What happens if Eagles lose and Cowboys win?

If the Eagles lose and the Cowboys win, it will have a significant impact on their respective standings within the NFC East division. The Cowboys would be in first place in the division and the Eagles would fall behind them to second place.

This would also mean that the Cowboys would hold a one game lead over the Eagles in the division, making it more difficult for the Eagles to win the division. Additionally, the Cowboys would have the first tiebreaker in the division heads-up battle.

In terms of the playoff race, the two teams would still both be in contention for a wild card spot, but a win for the Cowboys and a loss for the Eagles would make it more difficult for the Eagles to make the playoffs.

The Cowboys would gain ground in the wild card race, while the Eagles would drop back, potentially ending up behind multiple teams in their pursuit of a wild card spot. In the worst case scenario, the Eagles could fall out of playoff contention if they lose to the Cowboys and other teams in the wild card race get wins.

What happens if Dallas wins and Eagles lose?

If the Dallas Cowboys win and the Philadelphia Eagles lose, the Cowboys will have improved their standing in the NFC East division. The Cowboys would bump up in the standings from third place to second place and the Eagles will drop from second place to third place.

This result could potentially have an effect on the way the playoffs are seeded, depending on how the rest of the season plays out. It is also important to note that the Cowboys would have gained some measure of revenge for their earlier loss to the Eagles this season.

Furthermore, depending on the score and the style of the Cowboys win, Dallas may also gain some confidence from beating their division rivals in this key matchup.

Can Dallas make the NHL playoffs?

Yes, it is possible for the Dallas Stars to make the NHL playoffs this season. The Stars currently hold the second wild card spot in the Western Conference and trail the Calgary Flames by just one point.

The Stars have a very strong lineup that includes talented forwards like Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn, along with a defense corps that is one of the best in the league, led by goaltender Ben Bishop. There is still a lot of hockey to be played and the Stars have a good shot at making the playoffs if they continue to play solid hockey and make the most of their remaining games.

On top of that, the Stars have experience playing in the playoffs and know how to win when it counts. All in all, if the Stars stay focused and continue to play strong hockey, they should have no trouble making the playoffs for the 2020-2021 NHL season.

Is Dallas playing a wildcard game?

No, Dallas is not playing a wildcard game this season. The Dallas Cowboys were eliminated from the playoffs after they lost their week 16 matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles. This loss caused the Cowboys to be eliminated from playoff contention, finishing the season 8–8.

Though the Cowboys ended the regular season with a. 500 record, they ultimately missed out on the fourth wildcard spot as the Rams and Bears ended the regular season at 8-7-1 and 8-8 respectively. The 2011 Cowboys have the distinction of being the only NFL team to have never lost a wildcard game in the franchise’s history.

Did Dallas clinch a playoff spot?

Yes, Dallas clinched a playoff spot in their most recent season. The Dallas Cowboys officially clinched their playoff spot with a regular season record of 10-6 and ended up earning the fourth seed in the NFC.

With the recent acquisition of Amari Cooper, the Cowboys had a very successful season, with the wide receiver leading the way in catches and yards. This was the Cowboys sixth time making the playoffs in the past seven years, which makes them the most successful team in the NFC East in that span.

The Cowboys used a great running attack, led by Ezekiel Elliott, and also had a strong defense to end the season 10-6, making it the first season since 2014 that the Cowboys have won double-digit games.

While their playoff spot was secured in week 17, the team ultimately finished with a 21-26 loss against the Eagles, marking the end of their regular season.

Can Dallas be the number one seed?

Yes, Dallas can be the number one seed. The path to achieving the number one seed begins with an excellent regular season, featuring a high winning percentage and a quality strength of schedule. In the NBA, the team with the best record among the fifteen playoff-qualifying teams earns the number one seed.

Dallas can then carry this momentum into the playoffs, where winning the first round is vital for greater playoff success. As long as Dallas plays solid defense, moves the ball well on offense, and performs clutch plays when needed, Dallas has a real chance at becoming the number one seed.

Ultimately, the key to Dallas being the number one seed is hard work and determination throughout the regular season, as well as a dedication to playing postseason basketball at the highest level.

How can Dallas clinch the NFC?

The Dallas Cowboys currently have a 7-7 record and are sitting in third place in the NFC East. To clinch the NFC, they need to win their remaining two games and also have the Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Football Team to both lose their remaining two games.

If that happens, the Cowboys would have a 9-7 record and be the NFC East champions.

In addition, the Cowboys need to have the Arizona Cardinals and Chicago Bears both lose their remaining games in order to move into the wild card spot in the conference. The Minnesota Vikings currently hold the first wild card spot at 9-5 and the Los Angeles Rams are in second place at 8-6.

If Dallas loses one of their remaining two games, they will also need help from the other teams in the NFC. In that scenario, the Vikings and Rams would both have to lose their remaining games, the Chicago Bears would need to lose one of their remaining two, and the Cardinals would have to win out.

If Dallas wins out and the Arizona Cardinals, Chicago Bears, Los Angeles Rams and Minnesota Vikings all lose, then Dallas will be the NFC East champion, regardless of the other teams’ records.

No matter what the Cowboys will need help from the other teams in the conference, so they must win out and hope that the other teams in the NFC lose their remaining two games in order to clinch the NFC.