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Did Maki lose a leg?

No, Maki did not lose a leg. Maki failed to qualify for the Olympics due to an injury in her right leg. However, the injury did not cause Maki to lose her leg. Instead, she was able to heal over time and she eventually made a full recovery.

Despite not being able to make it to the Olympics, Maki remained determined to reach her goal and worked hard to stay in shape. She was eventually able to back on the track and pursue her dream of becoming a professional athlete.

Maki continues to compete in professional track and field events, and her leg has not been an issue throughout her career.

How did Maki’s leg get healed?

Maki’s leg was healed through an advanced medical procedure involving stem cell therapy. The stem cell therapy process involves harvesting stem cells from a healthy donor and injecting them into the injured area of the patient to help repair and rebuild damaged tissue, muscles, and bones.

In Maki’s case, the stem cells were injected into her broken leg and over time, the stem cells formed new tissues and healed the fracture. Following the procedure, Maki underwent rehabilitation training to strengthen her leg and help improve her mobility.

With regular physical therapy, Maki’s strength and mobility quickly returned, eventually completely healing her broken leg.

Did Yuta heal Maki?

Yes, Yuta healed Maki. In the second episode of Vinland Saga, Yuta uses his mystical healing ability to heal Maki after she was injured in a skirmish between Thors’ group and two of the Saknassar raiders.

Yuta’s power is a remarkable combination of mystical energy and the power of suggestion. Yuta manages to cure Maki of the severe wounds she sustained and restore her health. Thanks to Yuta’s healing ability, Maki is eventually declared fit enough to travel with Thurstan and the others, who must go on a journey to reach the walled city of Kattegat.

Will makis scars heal?

Yes, makis scars will heal! Like most other wounds, makis scars take time to heal, and the rate of healing depends on the size of the wound and the individual’s overall health. To help facilitate healing, makis recommends washing the wound with soapy water and keeping it free of dirt and debris.

Applying a thin layer of antibacterial cream to the wound can also help reduce the risk of infection and keep it from scabbing or crusting over, which could inhibit its healing. Additionally, keeping the wound bandaged during sleep or when exposed to rigorous activities can help protect it from external irritants.

Lastly, applying vitamin E oil to the scar can also help minimize its appearance, although it won’t be a substitute for proper wound care. With the right medical attention, makis scars will eventually heal within a few weeks or months, depending on their severity.

How did Maki get her scars JJK?

Maki’s scars were acquired from a traumatic event that occurred when she was a teenager. When she was fourteen, Maki was playing with her friends when a group of adults suddenly showed up and began attacking them for seemingly no reason.

Despite her best efforts to fight back, Maki was overpowered and knocked unconscious during the altercation. When she eventually regained consciousness, she discovered that she had been cut numerous times with a broken bottle.

The cuts left deep scars all over her body, including her face, arms, and back. Though it’s never been fully explained why the attackers targeted Maki and her friends, the experience left a lasting imprint on her and shaped her outlook on life.

Did Yuta fall in love with Maki?

It is difficult to say for certain whether or not Yuta actually fell in love with Maki. Throughout the story, there are moments where Yuta displays strong feelings of admiration and protectiveness for Maki, which could be interpreted as love.

However, his insecurities and fears make it difficult to know if Yuta was ever able to open up enough to Maki to make a genuine connection with her. Additionally, it is not clear whether Maki ever returned Yuta’s feelings, further making it impossible to know if Yuta ever fell in love with Maki.

In the end, Yuta does find the strength to take steps forward in his life, but the answer to the question of whether he ever fell in love with Maki remains a mystery.

Why does Gojo let Miguel live?

Gojo lets Miguel live because he is the only living connection to the past. He knows that in order to properly protect the people of the city he has been tasked with protecting, he needs to understand the history and motivations of those who want to bring harm.

By allowing Miguel to live, Gojo has a physical connection to the past and a possible source of knowledge that may help him protect the city. Gojo is also able to see what the city was like before it was the way it is now, allowing him to better understand the city’s current struggles.

Gojo also values life, and he doesn’t want to take another life without justified cause. Despite Miguel’s past wrongdoings, Gojo sees the value in allowing him to live and pursuing a potential path to redemption.

Does Yuta meet Maki again?

Yes, Yuta meets Maki again. At the end of their initial meeting, which concluded with Yuta expressing his admiration for Maki’s activism, Yuta couldn’t decide whether to pursue a friendship or remain respectfully at a distance.

When Yuta gets a call from his brother who, after seeing his tweet about Maki, reveals that she’s his co-worker, things take a thrilling turn! Yuta decides to take a chance and confirms his brother’s tip that Maki is interested in him, too.

Maki and Yuta meet again one afternoon in a park and share a passionate kiss. Afterward, Yuta promises Maki a bouquet of flowers, and they are now happily in love.

Is Maki stronger than yuuta?

This is difficult to answer as it depends on the context. In general, it is difficult to say whether Maki is stronger than Yuuta as there are multiple factors to consider, such as their experience level, physical fitness, martial arts ability, weapons proficiency, etc.

In a martial arts matchup, Yuuta may be the victor because of his extensive training and physical conditioning, while Maki may have the advantage in a street brawl because of her strength and agility.

Ultimately, the superiority between Maki and Yuuta is hard to determine without further information and context.

What happened to Maki after Shibuya incident?

Maki returned to Shibuya with the rest of the Hypnos crew following the Shibuya incident. She quickly returned to working for Hypnos, continuing her duties as an assistant in the server management division.

However, she was still scarred from the incident and suffered from post-traumatic stress. Upon learning that Craft had activated the Mahaurui Virus, Maki was consumed by fear and paranoia. She began to believe that anyone who was friendly with her was plotting against her in some way.

Maki’s colleagues at Hypnos noticed her fear and paranoia and several of them offered to help her by counseling her emotionally. Maki accepted the offer and visited a therapist every week. After several months of therapy, Maki’s mental state slowly began to improve.

She was eventually able to control her fear and paranoia, thanks in large part to her therapist’s care.

Maki eventually returned to her duties with Hypnos and was eventually promoted to the Data Management Division. While she still harbored some emotional scars, Maki managed to put the Shibuya incident behind her and move on with her life.

Who does Maki have a crush on?

Maki has developed a romantic interest in the character Subaru Okiya, who is a government investigator who works with her distant cousin, Conan Edogawa. It is implied that he has feelings for her as well, and Maki blushes and smiles whenever he speaks to her.

She often displays shy and awkward behavior around him, and it is evident that Maki has a strong crush on him. In episode 905, she even admitted to Conan that she has a crush on him. Maki enjoys spending time with him, and often looks for ways to get his attention and impress him.

When he finally acknowledged her, she was overjoyed. Despite his awkward and clumsy nature, Maki likes Subaru for his sincere personality and is always willing to help whenever he needs her assistance.

Why do people ship Yuta and Maki?

People ship Yuta and Maki because there’s a lot of evidence that suggests they have chemistry. They often laugh and share glances, and have moments of intense eye contact. In addition, they’re both outgoing and cheerful and get along very well, even though Yuta may tease Maki from time to time.

While Maki is also shown to openly express her fondness for Yuta, he likewise appears to regard her with an affectionate gaze and take care of her in special ways. People often point to those little but meaningful instances that remind them of the power of connection and love.

As a result, the two characters have become a popular ship in the Love Live! fandom.

Who did Maki fall in love?

Maki, the main character of the popular manga series Love Want, fell in love with her childhood friend, Hajime. She had known him since they were children, but it wasn’t until a few years later that her feelings began to shift and she started to fall in love with him.

She was constantly trying to fill Hajime’s expectations, while he tried his best to make her happy. He was always looking out for her and putting her needs before his own. Eventually, their friendship blossomed into a beautiful romance, and in the end, Maki and Hajime ended up happily married and living happily ever after.

Who is Yuta shipped with?

Yuta is the main character of the popular manga and anime series, “Yuta and the Mysterious Seven,” and his romantic relationships are a key plot element of the series. In the series, he is mainly shipped with Yuuki, a close friend and classmate of Yuta’s who is mysteriously connected to the mysterious seven.

Yuuki and Yuta have an intense and complicated relationship that develops over the course of the series, with lots of ups and downs, but ultimately they end up together and it’s implied that they have a strong and loving bond.

Other characters who have been shipped with Yuta include Saki, the second in command of the seven, who is also connected to Yuta in mysterious ways; Kotori, the leader of the seven, who views Yuta as a special person and occasionally gives him insight; Chiaki, a classmate of Yuta’s who is fond of him and looks out for him; and Mei, the mysterious alien girl who has a romantic interest in Yuta.

Ultimately, Yuta has many romantic possibilities, but it’s clear that Yuuki is the one he loves the most and the pair are a fan favorite.

What is the most shipped ship in Jujutsu Kaisen?

One of the most popular ships in Jujutsu Kaisen is the relationship between Megumi Fushiguro and Mai Ze Chavez, commonly known as Fuchimi. This pairing gained a lot of traction due to the chemistry between the two characters, as well as their differing personalities that often complement each other.

Megumi, a Jujutsu sorcerer, is often seen as a protective and dependable figure in Mai’s life, and the two share a genuine bond of friendship. Throughout the series, Megumi makes an effort to understand and care for Mai, and she often pushes herself beyond her limits to protect him.

Similarly Mai is deeply devoted to Megumi, and she is extremely supportive of his growth and development. Additionally, Mai possesses a strong sense of loyalty and loves to make Megumi smile. Their healthy relationship is certainly one of the more appreciated aspects of the series, making Fuchimi one of the most shipped ships in Jujutsu Kaisen.