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Can you use someone else’s lightning lane?

No, you cannot use someone else’s lightning lane. Each lightning lane is personalized to the individual and is intended for individual use only. It requires a user’s personal account information and credit card credentials, which help to keep the user’s online payments safe and secure.

If someone attempted to access someone else’s lane, they would be denied access and the user of the lane could be subject to security measures such as requiring further authentication. In addition, using someone else’s lane could be a form of theft as it would allow unauthorized access to the other person’s personal and financial information.

Ultimately, it is important to remember to keep your own lightning lane secure and to only use lanes that are authorized for your use.

Can two people book lightning lanes?

Yes, two people can book Lightning Lanes together. Most bowling alleys have designated lane booking times and require reservations, with some providing discounts for larger groups. Generally, lanes can accommodate up to six people at a time, so two people can book one lane for a game of two-player bowling.

Many bowling alleys also offer special discounts and promotions if two people book a lane together, so it’s always a good idea to check ahead of time. Additionally, some bowling alleys provide various packages and deals for larger groups, so two people can book one lane for a game of two-player bowling and choose one of the offered packages to get a great deal.

Is lightning lane per person or per party?

Lightning Lane is typically per party. This means that when you enter the lane, your entire group will be served together in one lane. Each person’s order is taken separately, and your order is not combined with other orders in the lane.

If you have one or more members of your group that are unable to order the same items as the rest of your group, the group will still be served together in the same lane to improve efficiency.

Can two people book Genie Plus at same time?

Yes, two people can book Genie Plus at the same time. Genie Plus is an app-based personal assistant service that helps to simplify everyday tasks and free up precious time. The app offers a range of services that can be booked at the same time.

With Genie Plus, you can book multiple services from one account and have them arranged simultaneously. This means that two people can book their own tasks, such as grocery shopping, delivery, cleaning and more, in one order.

Genie Plus also offers a concierge service, where two people can both book the same service, such as errands or restaurant reservations, and have both requests arranged within the same order.

How many people can I book Lightning Lane for?

The maximum number of people you can book Lightning Lane for depends on the location you have chosen. Generally, you can book Lightning Lane for up to 8 people, but it is best to check with the specific location as some may have different capacity limits.

If you are booking a larger party, you may need to split the group into two lanes. You can also inquire with the location if they can accommodate a larger number of people, so it is always a good idea to call ahead.

Is Individual Lightning Lane Price per person?

No, individual lightning lane price is not per person – it is per lane. It is a pricing option available for select attractions at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts, which allows guests to pay a flat rate fee to skip the line and enjoy the attraction with minimal wait time.

With individual lightning lane, guests pay a set price to gain access to a single lane for the selected attraction. This lane also allows for up to six guests to be in the same party.

Do you pay for individual lightning lane?

No, individual lightning lanes are typically free to use. While there are some variations between parks and attractions, most Lightning Lanes offer free access to individuals. This is the case for general access lanes (going through the entrance, for example) as well as for rides and other attractions.

Many parks and attractions may offer special passes for additional lightning lane access, however these will typically come at a cost.

How many lightning lanes can you book per day?

The exact number of lightning lanes you can book per day will depend on the bowling alley and its specific rules. Generally, each person is allowed to book up to two lanes per day. So, if you are booking for a group of four, you would be allowed to book four lanes in total.

However, some bowling alleys may have additional restrictions in place that limit the number of lanes per group or person per day. For example, the lane maximum may be lowered to one lane when the alleys are particularly busy, or they may even limit their lanes to a specific time frame.

It is important to check with the bowling alley directly to confirm their specific lane booking rules before booking.

How many people can make a genie reservation?

A genie reservation can accommodate up to 10 people. Depending on the size of the restaurant, some establishments may allow a higher party size. For instance, some restaurants offer special large party menus and private dining rooms that can accommodate up to 20 people or more.

It’s important to check with the restaurant directly to find out what their policies are regarding party size and make sure you are comfortable with the size of the group you bring.

What is the 120 minute rule at Disney World?

The 120 minute rule at Disney World is an unofficial policy that allows Disney World Resort guests to book multiple FastPass+ reservations within a two-hour period. This means that if you have booked or reserved a FastPass+ selection for any attraction at any of the Disney World theme parks, you can use that FastPass+ selection to book a second FastPass+ selection at that same park within 2 hours of the first selection.

For example, if you have reserved a FastPass+ selection for the Festival of Fantasy Parade at Magic Kingdom at 11:00 a. m, you could also reserve a FastPass+ selection for another attraction such as ‘Peter Pan’s Flight’ at 1:00 p.


The premises behind the 120 minute rule are that it allows guests to maximize their FastPass+ selections and experience more attractions in the same day by queueing twice in the same 2-hour period. It may also help guests to avoid long wait times, as they can book back-to-back FastPass+ selections and be sure to not miss the parade or other must-dos.

While the 120 minute rule is not an official Disney policy, it is a widely accepted Disney World tradition that many guests use to book their FastPass+ reservations. This rule does not guarantee that you will be able to book multiple attractions in a two-hour period but it does provide an opportunity to do so, depending on the availability of FastPass+ selections.

Always double-check the availability of FastPass+ selections before reserving your selections, to be sure that you take full advantage of the 120 minute rule.

How many rides can I book at once with Genie Plus?

With Genie Plus, you can book up to four rides at once. This allows you to save time by pre-booking future trips so you can rest assured that you’ll always have a ride when you need it. You can also add additional passengers if needed and modify the time frame or location of the trips before you even leave your home.

Genie Plus makes it easy to remain organized by providing a streamlined overview of all your booking activity in the app.

Can I make Genie reservations for everyone in my party?

Yes, you can make Genie reservations for everyone in your party. Genie is a convenient online service that allows you to make reservations for any kind of event or activity. You can create a custom reservation for each individual in your party, giving you complete control over the details for each reservation.

You can easily set up reservations for food and drinks, activities, or tours. You can also add any special requests you may have, such as requests for specific foods or activities, so that each individual in your party will receive the experience they desire.

In addition, Genie allows you to access your reservation information on any device with internet access, so you can stay up-to-date and on top of your party’s reservations.

Is there a limit on Genie plus reservations?

Yes, there is a limit on Genie Plus reservations. Each Genie Plus user can make up to 10 reservations per day for a maximum of 30 days in advance. This means that within the 30 day window, you can reserve up to 10 days within it.

The Genie Plus system operates on a first-come, first-served basis, and you are only able to select reservations from the options available at the time of your reservation. Additionally, when selecting a reservation, please note that Genie Plus reservations cannot be changed or cancelled.

Be sure to double check the date and time before finalizing your reservation!.

Can I add people to my Lightning Lane reservation?

Yes, you can add people to your Lightning Lane reservation. To do so, login to your account on the website, locate the ‘My Reservations’ tab and click on the option to ‘Edit Preferences’ for that reservation.

From there, you can add additional people to the reservation. Be sure to check the admission requirements and capacity restrictions for the activity for which you have a reservation, and make sure the reservation includes all of the people who will be attending.

If you need to make any changes, you can do so at any time up to one hour before the reservation time.

How do I share Genie Plus with Family?

You can easily share Genie Plus with Family by following a few steps. First, you will need to create a Family Account. On the Genie Plus website, click “Family Account” and follow the instructions to create an account.

Then, invite family members to join. Each family member should have their own Genie Plus account. If a family member already has one, they can link it to your Family Account. Once everyone has an account, you’ll be able to share your preferences, Save and Playlists across the family.

Finally, you can access the family account via the Genie Plus website or mobile app. Each family member will have the same access to your account, and they can customize their own personal sections. With your Family Account, everyone in your family can enjoy the benefits of Genie Plus!.