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Are Girl Scout Cookies $4 or $5?

Girl Scout Cookies are typically sold for $4 or $5, depending on the location and the specific type of cookie being sold. The price of these cookies may vary slightly from one region to another, as well as between different troops and selling seasons.

Typically, Thin Mints, Trefoils, and other traditional Girl Scout Cookies are sold for $4 per box. These cookies are widely popular and often sell out quickly, especially during the peak of the selling season. However, some councils may charge slightly more for their cookies, such as $5 per box, to help cover the cost of their programs and activities.

Meanwhile, specialty cookies like S’mores and Toffee-tastic may have a higher price point, often ranging from $5 to $6 per box. These cookies are typically only available for a limited time, and are often in high demand among Girl Scout Cookie enthusiasts.

Overall, the cost of Girl Scout Cookies varies depending on a variety of factors. However, no matter what the price may be, buying these delicious treats is a great way to support the Girl Scouts and the important programs they offer to young girls across the country.

How much are GS cookies this year?

The standard price per box is usually around $5, although some specialized varieties may cost a little more. Local councils plan the pricing of products each year, and these prices are approved by their regions to ensure consistency throughout the United States.

It’s worth noting that Girl Scout cookies are not just delicious treats but are also an integral part of a larger effort – to support and empower young girls. This campaign is not only aimed at promoting financial literacy skills but also teaches the girl scouts valuable skills, including how to run a business, handle money, and foster community engagement.

As a result, every time we buy a box of Girl Scout Cookies, we are supporting the critical work they do within our communities.

So if you are looking forward to purchasing some delicious Girl Scout Cookies, it would be better to check with your local council or girl scout groups to confirm the pricing details in your area. With that said, these cookies are not just enjoyable treats, but they also represent a broader advocacy for a better future for young girls.

Did the price of Girl Scout cookies go down?

Each year, the Girl Scouts of the USA organization sets the prices of their cookies, and this can vary regionally. Additionally, the prices may be influenced by factors such as the cost of ingredients, production, and distribution.

It is important to emphasize that the proceeds from Girl Scout cookie sales do not just go toward funding the cookie program or the organization more broadly, but also to support local councils, troops, and community projects. For instance, some troops may use the funds to go on trips, give back to their local communities, or participate in leadership programs.

That being said, there have been instances where the price of Girl Scout cookies has changed from year to year or even during a given year. For example, in 2018, the average price for a box of Girl Scout cookies was about $4, while in 2019, it increased to around $5 in some areas. However, in certain regions or for certain flavors, the price may have been higher or lower than these averages.

Overall, it may be necessary to refer to the most current information from the Girl Scouts organization or local councils to determine the current price of Girl Scout cookies. Regardless of the price, the act of purchasing Girl Scout cookies can serve as a way to support girls in their leadership and personal growth, and contribute to the positive impact they can make in their communities.

How much are Girl Guide cookies now?

Generally, the price for Girl Guide cookies can vary depending on a lot of factors such as location, supply and demand, and type of cookie. Some cookies may cost more than others. For instance, a box of Thin Mints, which is one of the most popular Girl Scout cookies in the US, can range from $4 to $5 per box.

Whereas the price for Tagalongs, another popular Girl Scout cookie, can range from $4.50 to $5 per box, based on the area or region.

To get the specific price of Girl Guide cookies in your area, you may need to check with your local Girl Guide or Girl Scouts council. You can also visit the official Girl Guide or Girl Scout website and search for the price of cookies in your region. Additionally, you may visit Girl Guide or Girl Scout social media pages, as they regularly post updates on the price of cookies and other information.

The price of Girl Guide cookies varies depending on several factors such as location, demand, and the type of cookie. Checking with your local Girl Guide or Girl Scout council or visiting their website or social media pages is the best way to find the exact price of Girl Guide cookies in your area.

How much money do Girl Scouts make per box?

The amount of money that Girl Scouts make per box of cookies can vary depending on multiple factors such as the type of cookie, the region or council they belong to, and the number of boxes sold. Generally, Girl Scouts can make anywhere between 60 cents to $1 for each box sold.

One of the most popular Girl Scout cookies, Thin Mints, can earn Girl Scouts about 65 to 75 cents per box. Another popular cookie, Samoas, can earn Scouts around 55 to 65 cents per box sold. Additionally, smaller councils may earn more money per box due to lesser cookie supply and higher demand, while larger councils may earn slightly lower per-box earnings.

It is also important to note that the profits from the sales of Girl Scout cookies go towards supporting initiatives and programs provided by the Girl Scouts organization, such as funding for troop activities, leadership development programs, and community service initiatives. Girl Scout cookies sales are not just a means of providing monetary gain for its members, but also for supporting the mission and goals of the organization.

The exact amount of money that Girl Scouts make per box of cookies can depend on various factors, but overall, the earnings from cookie sales are an essential source of funds for Girl Scouts that aid in the success of the organization and its members.

How much is a box of Thin Mints?

Thin Mints are the most famous Girl Scout Cookies, and they are usually available for sale between January and April. Each box contains 15-20 cookies, and the packaging is pretty similar across the United States. Generally, the price for one box ranges from $4 to $5, although it could vary slightly depending on the council’s decision.

It is worth noting that the money raised from selling Girl Scout cookies supports troop activities, field trips, camping experiences, and community service projects. Besides that, the cookie program is a way for girls to develop skills such as goal-setting, decision-making, money management, and business ethics.

The specific price for a box of Thin Mints is determined by the council that is organizing the sale, and it usually lies between $4 and $5. However, the value of the cookies transcends their monetary price since they also bring many benefits to the girls involved in the program.

What happens to unsold Girl Scout cookies?

Unsold Girl Scout cookies are typically donated to local charities and military organizations. Depending on the program, they may also be donated to food banks, schools and hospitals. In some cases, the Girl Scouts may have to throw out the unsold cookies, usually if the food has been stored for too long and contaminated.

In order to prevent this, many troops have taken to selling unsold cookies to their parents or other family members so that the product does not go to waste. In addition, local non-profit and charitable organizations frequently accept donations of unsold boxes of Girl Scout cookies to help those in need or to stock their pantries with the treats.

By donating the unsold cookies, Girl Scouts are helping to not only reduce waste, but also boost morale and give back to the community.


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